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New decade, new forums

I actually really want to edit my user title, it mentions my old username but, whoops, my old username had my deadname as part of it. :/// i figure my re-introduction thread is really the only place that I wanted to have that info.
TCoD being active again is super awesome :)

The net has been lacking in nice places to enjoy being a pokemon fan for years now. This place is going to save the day for sure :3
Thanks you're a great friend too :)

I love that my crush on Korrina helped me make new friends over time. I had a lot of serious nerological issues before my crush on her. It makes sense she means as much to me as she does :)

Having friends is awesome ^_^
You're a lovely person to be friends with.
did the (hover-over) logs of people's old usernames get lost?
Unfortunately that was a vBulletin hack, so the XenForo automatic migration tool didn't pick those up - you should be able to view a log of people's username changes since the XenForo move, though.

I've still got the old database on the server so I could migrate that info over if it's considered necessary.
Small bug I just noticed (on mobile, not sure about desktop): the new forum software doesn’t appear to be able to handle nested spoiler tags properly (or maybe it’s a more general issue with multiple spoiler tags in one post). Here’s an example.
Sometimes trying to mark the Advertising forum as read just doesn't work. I thought maybe it was just a problem with that double-click extension but I tried actually going into the forum and clicking the "Mark read" button and that didn't work, either. I've noticed it with the Advertising forum multiple times... I think once it happened for some other forum, but can't remember. This seems like it would be super hard to look into but maybe something's a bit borked with the Advertising forum?
I just tried marking all the forums read with the double click thing, and when I refreshed, the Advertising forum was the only one that reverted, so something's definitely up
Is there a way to add customization options for the number of posts that are displayed on each page? Currently, it's set to 20 for everyone, but I think I've been on other Xenforo-based forums where there was a setting to change it to, for example, 50 or 100.
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