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New Mystery Dungeon Game Announced

Hell yeah, new PMD.

Hope you don't have to start as Pikachu, though. I like the personality quiz choosing of your Pokemon.
But they'll make PMD for 3DS I see how it is.

Not sure if excited, but new Pokémon is new Pokémon. I did like Sky a lot better than Blue, but after Conquest, it might be difficult to go back to PMD at all.
There are probably a lot more things they didn’t say in this issue that they will as we approach its Winter release in Japan. Hopefully they don’t shirk any data and put all 649 Pokemon in the game. That’s something I’m legitimately worried about, considering past spin-off ventures. I mean, PMD has usually been good about that, but… I don’t know, I’ve been quite skeptical as of late. Seeing Pokemon like Dunsparce and Rampardos have their own buildings is a good sign, though; branching out.

Can Sewaddle be a starting Pokemon (please please goddamn it please)?

[unshamefully quoted from a similar topic elsewhere because I don't like writing things twice]
This looks cool!
Interesting how they have gone for '3d' graphics as opposed to the sprite based ones they had, but there you go.
So many cool games atm...squee!
It's called Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Magnagate and the Infinity Labyrinth, and it's only one game, unlike the past games.

I'm actually quite sad they're going to have graphics similar to the Wii PMD games. The graphics and sprites from the earlier games appealed to me much more than these.

Apparently, the starters available so far are Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Pikachu, and Axew.

And it looks like the Augmented Reality thing allows you to access more dungeons!

The graphics aside, I'd really like to have this game! And since it'll come out in Japan this year, it'll most likely be released in the US at 2013! We can wait that long, right?
I don't mind the 3D graphics as much as I thought I would (Pokémon is very much a sprite based game to me). Looking at it in the video, it seems that it could be used better than sprites for cut scenes. Less walking in place perhaps. (Don't think they'll stop jumping back when surprised, though...)
...wait it's for 3DS? CRAP CRAP CRAP
And I totally agree with the 3D-for-cutscenes thing.
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