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In a shockingly awesome twist, I have managed to pass all of my autumn semester exams. My results were less than stellar and I wish I could have done better in everything, but! I passed them all! Now I can't get kicked out of university :D

Here's the breakdown:

Cell biology: 73
Chemistry: 61
Physiology: 51
Animal biology: 46 (shut up okay I forgot what thyroid hormone does halfway through writing an essay about it AND I missed a 15% piece of coursework ; ; )

So! I managed 1st, 2:1, 2:2 and 3. That's, like, one of each. Woo.


Tragically unbeyachted.
Eeeeeeey, well done! :D Especially on the 73, that's fantastic! 'Less than stellar' my arse, you do bloody biology, and anyone who can comprehend any of it is a genuis.
I forget which year you're in - do your grades this year count, or are they just putting you in good stead for next year? Big congrats either way :)


New member
Thank you! I'm a first year (I did a 'gap year' in which I did two more A-levels instead of going straight to university) so they don't actually count, but since I want to be put on the year in industry I'll need fairly decent results. They want you to get a 60 average, but I know people who've been accepted onto the master's course with ... ridiculously bad results, so... yeah!

I'm quite happy with my results in general (except animal biology but hey, a pass is a pass! now they can't kick me out~~), though! Cell biology was easy, I don't know why I worried about that.