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[OOC/Signup] TF2: Faith & Misery


It's feeding time
MG? Pyro's not in the intel room; there's only coal all over the floor, the demonic fire it fuels, and the smoke that'd damage even REDs for painful, scented smokescreen. I probably should've made that more explicit (dammit Kusari stop doing that) but I did mention setting up the coal and then leaving the room to guard somewhere else.

So now that I actually need a concrete location... probably right by the respawn room actually, with Pyro's back facing the respawn room and looking into the room with two halls leading to intel (computer room?).

More importantly Pyro is in the process of being shot, so a friendly conversation is not the way to go if he's in sight.
Let's just say I am too drunk to notice.
What part is confusing? I'll try to break it down if it helps.

1) Pyro is not in the intel room.
2) The intel room is on fire.
3) Pyro got shot just before you started talking to him.

Your post didn't address any of that, so.

Erindor the Espeon

How do you do? Pleased to meet you. I'm Erindor.
Hey, this sounds awesome. Reserving a RED Soldier (pretty much all that's left, but probably my second choice anyway). I need to take time on this one it seems, and that'll take a bit.

EDIT: Well, obviously. I'm stupid sometimes. I meant I'll have to take time to make it good.