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PETA's Pokemon parody


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I haven't looked at this, but from what I've seen here it at least has be less dumb than the "MARIO SKINS TANOOKIS ALIVE TO MAKE HIS SUITS!" thing they did earlier.

Pokémon actually do get captured by humans and put into fights where they sometimes beat each other up pretty bad... in the games it's never anywhere near as horrible as actual cockfighting, dogfighting, etc., but "Pokémon battles = cockfighting" is a comparison that has been made before even by some fans, so at least it seems like this is a heavily-warped and exaggerated version of what actually sorta happens. Rather than complete made-up nonsense like the Tanooki Suit thing (Mario's suits are magical things that pop out of boxes and jump around... the Tanooki Suit isn't the real skin of some critter any more than the Frog Suit is.)


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During the Ghetsis battle, he did in fact claim team plasma didn't care at all for Pokemon's well being. But at the end, after the Ash-dressed-as-a-deranged-Uncle-Sam-who-wanted-to-use-Pikachu-solely-for-getting-money-off-of-it battle, Slowpoke comes and says there's a new team called Team Plasma who fights for good.

Except that Team Plasma was already established and made and is a team that doesn't want to protect Pokemon.
I hate to sound like I'm stating the obvious, but I think that was supposed to be a joke, considering it was a Slowpoke who said it.

But yeah. The only opinion I have about this game that hasn't been said already is that, taken out of context, the costumes in this game actually look really really cool. Just in time for Halloween, too!


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Pokemon battles are not animal cruelty. PETA is stupid.

PETA should read the anti anti pokemon section to the site that this forum belongs to. It explains things quite a lot about the 'battles' they see as 'cruel'.

Also, Pokemon isn't even the real world. Like at all.

And....Pokemon aren't even animals. And they like battling to get stronger. And teaming up with people. Like a sports team.

PETA might as well attack people for playing sports too while they're at it LOL