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Pokémon Mafia: Arceus - Game Thread

figured they could probably be good enough (especially as a team) to be participatey in a way that doesn't run counter to scum interests and wanted to see what would happen. they havent claimed a role that i would be averse to blocking anyway
Fair Enough

useful one anyway

it's probably too much to hope that ZM was a vig who killed haneko and theres only one non-town alive rn right

useful one anyway
what did you mean by this

also i'm kinda sitting tinfoiling rnp for the lie then revision thing and such. i'm thinking maybe he has a role that could check out opposite aligned mafia but not necessarily meaning that he's town aligned - like maybe a byproduct of a certain targeting role. the whole greencheck on the corpse thing is adding to that suspicion for me
something something arsonist in the mix maybe it's a funky little odd role mechanic. butterfree was sooooo doused
well. "either kill" i still think there's poisoning afoot what with that green in the mouth there
but i don't think pearl clan would have targeted pearl clan so you're at least not that one
today is massclaim day by the way

@JackPK you first

"The player character" (with both the male and female PC options split-screened in the image in my role PM, nice touch) which I took in hopes it would have something powerful and important because the player character is always the most powerful and important character in a story amirite?

Unfortunately the power I got is that as long as I'm alive, the day counter doesn't increment, because my falling from the sky has caused wonky timespace distortions. It sucks! It honestly sucks to not have an active power, not to mention also to have no idea what my passive power helps or hurts with
(oh uh also considering the pearl clan goon was the one that took zm out. so they had their hands full)
but i don't think pearl clan would have targeted pearl clan so you're at least not that one
well the haneko stuff clears us of that anyway

day repeating honestly makes me think there's a diamond clan alive? which is Worrying

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