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Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

Kung Fu Ferret

Yokai Of Despair
(Text copy-pasted from Serebii)

Pokémon Sun & Moon

A European Trademark site has added new listings today for two new possible game titles, complete with logos. These logos are Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. It is not currently known if these are to be the games revealed in tomorrow's Pokémon Direct or if this is just a placeholder like many game titles that have come before such as Pokémon Brown, Pokémon Amethyst and so forth. We'll bring more news as it comes. Please note, this is currently unconfirmed

Re: (RUMOR) Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

Eh, two thoughts: Game Freak has trademarked unused names before. Conterpoint: Magearna and Pokemon Direct. It could go either way, but I'm not super convinced that Gen 7 is coming just yet.
Re: (RUMOR) Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

It's been 2 and a half years since X and Y, I wouldn't be surprised if gen 7 were to come out in late 2016/early 2017. Gen 5 lasted 2 and a half years (early 2011 for B/W to 2013 for XY).

But I'd be surprised if we didn't get a Z, so idk.
Re: (RUMOR) Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

Part of me is expecting X 2 and Y 2. I'm probably not right (I hope I'm not right!)

But those would be pretty cool-sounding games. I picture kind of an ancient lore type of story. (Also probably not right about that.) But it's always been kind of a dream to get that kind of mysterious, Pokémonopolis kind of feel in a game!
Re: (RUMOR) Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

Gah, new Pokemon games and I forget my login details. Of course!

Anyway, crossposting speculation from my tumblr:

  • Why no Pokemon Z? That is awfully strange. It looks like that was a red herring - I mean, Nintendo does hold the trademark for Pokemon Grey, and they snatched that up before B2W2 was announced…
  • Sun and Moon being Gen VII would be very odd. This would be the first generation with no follow-up at all - and there’s so many mysteries in Kalos that I can’t believe they’d just abandon it there.
  • It’s possible that Sun and Moon are the B2W2 of Gen VI. It’s certainly believable, but then… why the name change? Why doesn’t it relate to X and Y at all? It’s a weird disconnect.
  • They could be placeholder names to conceal something else - such as X2Y2. Again, that wouldn’t be the first time Nintendo’s done this, but it is again really fucking weird that they have such detailed logos for placeholders!
  • Zygarde and Magearna. We've never had a new Forme released outside of the Pokemon's original generation, with the exceptions of the Mega Evolutions and Arceus-Fairy (which have a good excuse). So, logically, Sun and Moon could be part of Gen VII... but we've never had a totally new Pokemon released halfway through a generation, with it not even being in the code for the first games in the generation. Either Zygarde or Magearna is bucking a trend.
  • I suppose they could be the GS to Kalos's RBY... a new generation, but returning to an old location. In which case, UK region? Please?

My personal guess is that this is a hybrid of GSC and B2W2 in terms of situation. New content on a similar level to GSC, but very much rooted in the events of XY.

But all the same... this makes no sense, and I hope that Pokemon Direct will answer at least some of these questions.
Re: (RUMOR) Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

If they are new games, they should hopefully be harder than XY and ORAS.
Re: (RUMOR) Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

It's also possible that they'll release Z this year, and announce Gen 7 either at E3 or late this year or something, to be released in 2017.

Then again, it's awfully early to trademark that name.
Re: (RUMOR) Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

All I'm thinking is
Pokemon Sun and Moon=Lunatone and Solrock
But in truth, maybe their filing the trademark early so they can release Pokemon Z first, and then release these Sun an Moon. Or... Maybe they're new games with a new storyline, new region, new villainous team, so on, but not adding any new pokemon, thus making them a part of Gen VI. It's really Farfetch'd, I know (Ba dum tssss), but still a possibility.

Also, Delta Emerald
Re: (RUMOR) Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

All I'm thinking is
Pokemon Sun and Moon=Lunatone and Solrock

That's what I was thinking too! Honestly, I would love to see a game with old Pokémon and a new region, or even old region and new story. I guess that's kinda what the remakes are though.

Also we never got a Yellow or Crystal remake so Delta Emerald sounds too much like a dream :(
Re: (RUMOR) Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

I don't expect there are many lawyers on here, but why do they need to trademark the names of games anyway? Isn't the trademark for "Pokémon" enough to make sure other people don't use the names?

Anyway I'm also thinking of Solrock and Lunatone, which is weird because I was actually thinking yesterday about those two. ORAS came out this generation and those two are version exclusives to those games.
Of course, Espeon and Umbreon have a bit of a sun/moon theme going on as well.

If I were to go wild into complete guess/hopefulness territory, I predict that if these games are real then Pokémon Sun will have a Psychic-type gym while Pokémon Moon will have (the first!) Dark-type gym. And it will be a region based on the UK and these gyms will exist in a cave in the equivalent of north Wales.
How many points do I win if this turns out to be correct?
Re: (RUMOR) Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

@Murkrow: Same reason "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" is trademarked, despite not needing it because CoD: Modern Warfare has already been trademarked. Otherwise, bootleggers can sell *anything* under the name and get away with it.

Calling it now, we're getting a Black 2/White 2 scenario, linking Hoenn and Kalos mythically, the same way Johto was with Lugia and Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres. I know it's already happened with Regigigas, but it could happen again maybe?
Re: (RUMOR) Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

I'm guessing from that Direct that it's a new generation? I mean, they never said anything about it... WHAT A TEASE... but they wouldn't have announced it like that if it was an X/Y sequel.

Also, you can transfer Pokémon from the R/B/Y eShop games? Holy shit
Re: (RUMOR) Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

Welp. It's real, all right.

I... guess this means no third version? Or is this a sequel thing?? Gen VII? What's going on??
Re: (RUMOR) Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

Confirmed, also Pokemon from the VC Gen 1 games can be transferred to Bank and then to Sun and Moon.
Re: (RUMOR) Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

They briefly showed a new bird Pokémon in the design stage, so this at least confirms there are new Pokémon.
Re: (RUMOR) Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

video thing on Serebii said:
It all comes together

It all comes together? What does that mean? What. Maybe they're referring to the VC transfers, but I feel like that's big-sounding.

Also maybe we'll get Z later? Weren't FRLG released before Emerald, or do I have an awful memory?
Re: (RUMOR) Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

considering the capabilities of patching i can't help but wonder if maybe they're gonna patch oras and xy to have compatibility with these new mons and that it's still gen 6

also they said about rby transfers that "you can play them in your sun and moon games"... but they didn't mention xy or oras............. makes me wonder if like sun and moon are different somehow... because xy and oras wouldn't be compatible with the way rby data values are unless transferring them to pokebank suddenly generates different ivs and changes stat experience. so like, what if sun moon are these fabled multi-region games we've all been wondering if might exist except like, with different capabilities from modern pokemon? am i making sense???



Re: (RUMOR) Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

considering the capabilities of patching i can't help but wonder if maybe they're gonna patch oras and xy to have compatibility with these new mons and that it's still gen 6

But they didn't even patch the ORAS megas into XY, remember? Why would they patch in a whole new generation?

BIRB looks very much like a woodpecker, based on the colors you can see, the shape of the head/beak and the fact that it has zygodactyl toes.
Re: (RUMOR) Pokemon Sun & Pokemon Moon

But they didn't even patch the ORAS megas into XY, remember? Why would they patch in a whole new generation?

ok i forgot about the oras megas

my idea tho was that x/y introduced so few new mons and this would be like the "rest" of them but lol you have a point
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