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Rate the song above you

It's an okay song. I like the style change between the verses and the chorus, and the lyrics have a good message. But the thing I don't like is the singers' voices.

Harry Chapin-Sniper WARNING! THIS SONG WILL BE THE SCARIEST SONG YOU WILL EVER HEAR! It is exactly what the title says it is about. It is extremely symbolic, and the energy that builds up is likely to drive you insane. If you would rather not listen to such a scary (but still amazing) song, an alternative is availible.

Harry Chapin- Mr. Tanner Song starts at 0:45.

(You can tell I like this Chapin guy's music)
8/10. Not my usual cup of tea, but these songs were quite chilling in a good way. I will have to check out more of this guy's work.

Blut Aus Nord - The Howling of God I'll keep the theme of scary songs going. BAN have quickly become one of my favorite bands because of the sonic journeys/nightmares they take you on.
8/10 Normally I don't like black metal at all, but Blut Aus Nord and Agalloch are definite exceptions. This song and Axis by BAN are two of the scariest things I've ever heard.

My Dying Bride - The Cry of Mankind Probably my favorite doom metal song ever, and definitely MDB's best. The melody is so haunting yet beautifully captivating.
9/10 Wow. That was indeed an amazing track. The female vocals actually helped to create an unforgettable atmosphere rather than make the song cheesy, and the heaviness of certain passages was great. Fantastic doom/sludge metal.

Katatonia - Dead Letters

Just leaked... today, I guess?
4/10 To me, Katatonia has been writing the same album for over a decade now. I was hoping Dead End Kings would change that, but I guess not. The song isn't bad, it's just... boring. Flat. Uninteresting.

Katatonia - Without God THIS is the Katatonia I will always love.
Hahaha, I think I like this stuff more than metal at times. Not because of the lyrics (I can't give a fuck less about them), but the melodies are strong and powerful and I just love thumping power chords.

I answer your "meh" with a "meh". I should like this, but I entirely fail to. Some US series has its new season finale song though. 4/10

Deaf Havana - I'm A Bore, Mostly
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