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Rate the song above you

For a moment there I thought you were going to give a link to a Warrant song called Foster the People and I was worried but then I saw it was the other way around and I was like :D

Really nice buildup with some good bass work; catchy and poppy, but also spacey. 8/10.

Okay for reasons unknown I was listening to Tegan and Sara? I don't know either, herp a derp a dorp~

aforementioned songwriting lesbians - Call it Off

EDIT: Ninja'd! ffffffffu

Anyway Porcupine Tree is always cool, no exceptions, 9/10
I liked the song; twas the first time I ever heard them. Their voices were really good, nicely accented, and they put emphasis on good points during the song. The music was nice, too. I give it an 8/10 :3

Chase Coy - Turn back the time

Don't judge me~
Sorry, I like fluffy love stories xD Tis just me, though.

I couldn't really get into that. I don't know why. It just seemed kind of...disjointed. Blocky. Forced a lil, y'know? But I could still listen to it every now and then, just not all day or anything. 6/10

Here, less love-yness. A little. xD
Evanescence - Everybody's Fool
That song is awesome. I've heard of Panic at the Disco before, but never gotten to listen to them. That's now going to change xD I love hwo the lyrics flow and he makes words rhyme that wouldn't technically rhyme without his singing style :3 8/10

Skillet - Monster
One of the first PT songs I had heard back in like mid-2006 that got me into PT, and I still love that song to this day. It is such a great mood-lifter, and I like how Steven Wilson can make even simple lyrics turn out awesome. 9.5/10

Ulver - Operator

(btw don't worry, the song itself only lasts for the first 3:37, afterwards it's just silence in the vid). The entire Blood Inside album is pure mindfuck.
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