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Retro Choice Pokémafia [Game Thread]

Re: Retro Choice Pokémafia [Game Thread]

I was so much of a spectator here I didn't know what was going on for the second half. the vmvideos and all of the shitposting were excellent though :D mafia online is so much fun.

SAD FACE I WAS TRACKING PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T TARGET ANYONE TO SEE IF THEY WERE MAFIA WHO JUST COULDN'T SEND IN A KILL and that's p bad logic but I had been following MF. ugh. although honestly I think I'd have just gotten myself killed out of suspicious "HEY LOOK POSSIBLE MAFIA"
Re: Retro Choice Pokémafia [Game Thread]

Our heroic deaths were offscreen! I will never forgive you VM. >:(
Re: Retro Choice Pokémafia [Game Thread]

You know what I find hilarious?

The fact that Music Dragon's post calling out MF as mafia and my video calling out Zero Moment as mafia were both true.
Re: Retro Choice Pokémafia [Game Thread]

@VM also the fact that when you were visiting - it was like n1 - and i brought up mafia and you said "oh shit gotta send in my night action. my kill. gotta send my kill to jack." and i had no idea how to respond so i just smirked a bit and said "yeah. me too. gotta send my kill in." and you went on the "i'm mafia" thing for a bit while i was just kind of awkward about it and then you said "i bet you're actually mafia so you know that i'm not" and i had even less idea how to respond to that
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