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[SIGN-UPS] Power Plant Pokémafia


german brothers
Welcome to the Power Plant, home of many Electric-Types. Within are a few communities of wild pokémon, including your own. Rumours arrive that a neighboring settlement of Pokémon has been decimated due to a group known only as The Mafia, and that The Mafia has infiltrated your group.

For the town's survival, the citizens must weed out The Mafia posthaste, before everything they hold dear is destroyed.

This is planned to be a sort of a background game, one that won't encroach on the territory of other mafia games. There are a few bastard elements at play, but for the most part the game is reasonable.

Stryke and I will be running this game co-operatively.

-Days and nights will both be 48 hours.

-The Mafia wins when EVERY member of the town is dead.

-Don't C/P your role PM, don't communicate outside of thread, don't screenshot any private mechanical chats, etc.

The game will start when we feel like an adequate amount of players have joined.