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[signup thread] knives alley


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  • players who have been modkilled in the past year for repeated violation of rules are forbidden from signing up. no exceptions.

this is my first game as a GM and i did not receive any help during its projecting phase. if it is too unbalanced… sorry! i tried my best.
i can't sign up just for 1 violation ?

can I at least spectate @rari_teh ?


early feet
any pronoun
it has come to my attention that late november/early december is finals period for some people. not only that, i forgot to account for the fact that i am going to move in the end of the month. because of these adversities, the estimated start date has been postponed to mid to late december.

i also want to take this opportunity to ask whomever may be of interest what would the ideal phase change time be — the provisional time is 11 pm UTC, but any time you agree upon between 11 pm and 11 am UTC is viable.

i’m really excited to host this game! hope i won’t disappoint y’all :)

pinging all currently signed up: