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So, Nintendo's now doing a type personality quiz.

Which group would you most like to join?
*mutters about lack of PokeGO teams before picking*

Anyways: Fairy, huh? Well, I guess that's not so bad! I like Fairy types! though I am kinda disappointed about not being a Dragon I l o v e d r a g o n s
I'm Poison type.
I dig it.
My only beef with the questioning was that it didn't offer Dark as a gym type.
Admittingly though it bugs me a tad that they omitted Westwood and I believe Ivy from the Professor internships despite that it was between Oak and Elm for me regardless (I went with Oak). I suppose they'd wanted to focus on the main region professors.
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I seem to be the forum's first Ground type (1st time) AND Ghost type (2nd time). XD

"You'd be a Ground-type Pokémon! You're steady and stable, and you might also leave people quaking in their boots!"
"You'd be a Ghost-type Pokémon! People don't believe their eyes even when you appear right in front of them!"

...Ghost sounds so close to me, actually! I'm very silent when I walk and spook people by accidentally sneaking up on them. Does this mean I'm a Golurk or Palossand? (Please, not Shiny Palossand. I don't want to be a salmiakki castle.)
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