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Sprite Palace

Terry, isn't this your like, 6th art thread? >.>
And what about those "3-D Sprites" you said you had in your "3-D" thread?

Please recolor Umbreon so it the rings are pink and the body is grey. Please try to get it right.
And DO NOT use the default Paint colors like you did in your avi in my request.

EDIT: Btw, Terry, you have 666 posts.

Kai Lucifer

A traveller on the winds of time
I was asked for transparency. DON'T BLAME ME!
Texifier, Texifier, Texifier... Transparency doesn't ruin a sprite. JPEGing does, but transparency does not. You can't blame it on the fact that it is transparent, becuse that is just a lame excuse.

And I can prove it, too.

The one on the left has a white background. The second is transparent. Take a look. Is there aything different on the right one? No, and that is because transparency does not ruin a sprite.

BTW, when you supposedly cut your fingers, you still continued to sprite afterwards. Why is this? I'm just saying that If I cut my fingers, I would be laying off any creativity.
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Terry. T.

I use 1 finger per hand. I cut my THUMB.
And I NEVER save as JPG (apart from my first 5 sprites)
Part of Lugia is DEFAULT WHITE.

Kai Lucifer

A traveller on the winds of time
...I'm sure that you can change that yourself. Either save the background as a colour that isn't in the sprite, such as default purple, or change the colour of the default white parts, by going into paint, selecting 'custom colors', and change the white eversoslightly.


Actually more of a harmour fan
Pokémon 1- Tyranitar
Pokémon 2- Kangaskhan
Transparent?- Whatever you think. In other words, you decide! :3

It's not like his sprites are really bad. Actually, they're sort of in between bad and good, I'd have to say, for a person who cut their finger. Which is still good, by the way.


< Made by Fujiwara Yaminichi! Isn't it awes
Bling Blingmon plx kthanksbai:
Pokémon- Rayquaza
Blue?- x
Or Purple?-


Mage of Blood
Pachikip is kinda cute, but... eh... it could've been better. I know I didn't request it, but...

Naow I would like to request!

Pokémon 1- Pikachao!
Pokémon 2- Mudkippy :3
Transparent?- Yerf, but make another one so it is nontransparent and show tehm both.

Kai Lucifer

A traveller on the winds of time
Do you think that the people who put them there will actually remove them? If they hate you enough to insult you, then why are they going to listen to you when you tell them to stop?

Kai Lucifer

A traveller on the winds of time
No offence, Mewtwo, but what actuall purpose does that serve? I mean, who is going to search the forum for "Terry is trying his best"?


Mage of Blood
I has no clue... lol, everybody can see it, so... I be a kind person whose emotions sometime go out of control(meaning I get mad easily). Right now, I am at home on fall break, so I am on the kind side of meh.