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Frontier Town Sun Stone Saloon

"If you're unsure of names, perhaps you could attribute a world to yourself and call that a name," Mhynt said idly, trying to ease her nerves. "Daybreak. Dawn. Cosmos." She sighed.

"...In any case," she said, "Yes. I'm... positive I know this Charmeleon. His name is Owen. He has a special ability--well, abilities--in combat. One allows him to see... everything material in a decent radius around him. He can see every muscle twitch. Every glance of your eyes. And from it, he can read your intent and block or counter you without need for eyes, or any other sense.

"Sound familiar?" Mhynt said gravely. "No other Charmeleon fights like that, I'd bet."
Koa ears twitched and he glanced over at the ghost-type. He'd gotten so caught up worrying about everything, but the cheerful misdreavus had a point.

He began to wrack his brain, trying to think of a nice name. Something with stars? Or space? He'd named a team of pokemon, surely he could come up with something... Star? Stellar... Lunaris? He felt mildly annoyed that he found himself liking Bellatrix's idea. It was a good name...

"Betelgeuse has a nice ring to it, if you like it," he said, speaking out loud but directing it at the Voice as well. "Beetle for short," he added with a grin.

He was distracted as the implication of Mhynt's words kicked in. She really believed she knew the shadow. Owen. For some reason the name gave him pause, and the description. That certainly fit how the thing had fought but if that was true it raised a lot of questions about how they were summoned here.
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"I personally prefer the likes of 'Betelgeuse' or 'Beemin' for our cloudy friend. 'Bee' or 'Betel' for short if it's too much of a mouthful," she said, placing a paw on her chest.

So many ghosts here... who even was that misdreavus? He kind of reminded her of her own haunter...

Then the fox ghost spoke up. Kimiko was glad the name topic was picked up again; it was a welcome break from all the arguing and yelling. "Bee, that's really cute! What do you think, Voice? Wanna make it official?"

"Sound familiar?" Mhynt said gravely. "No other Charmeleon fights like that, I'd bet."

Then she turned to Mhynt and suppressed a shiver - Kimiko had to keep reminding herself that these ghosts (and former ghosts) were not like the ones she was familiar with... although, this new revelation that there might be others from the same worlds here certainly did not improve her mood.

"So are you saying that this... Owen's abilities weren't a result of becoming a shadow, but they were his original abilities?"
Mhynt held her palm up to the ceiling. Little wisps of light and dark appeared though they seemed to be so insubstantial and illusory that they were not useful.

"Even now," she said, "I feel as though echoes... replications of my powers back home are with me. I'm sure you all have experienced similar things. If some great power affected one of us the way Owen seems to be affected by Shadows... I would not be surprised if it awakened something similar within him at a greater scale."

Mhynt dispelled the wisps of light. "Not to mention my Teleporting."

She paced along and looked skyward. "In any case," she said, "I can only hope he doesn't develop more of his powers. His ability to 'take' whatever you throw at him and toss it back would be... troublesome." She envisioned someone blasting Owen with a Hyper Beam, only for it to be 'harnessed' and thrown back like a javelin.

"...I also wonder why he is Shadowed. Why he was separate from us," Mhynt went on. "In my world, he'd been... captured by someone very evil. I don't know what his circumstances were afterward. I was hoping to help him but never got the opportunity before coming to this world."
Odette, as much as she loved nicknames, was too slow to jump on the Voice name train. The names came on too fast, as she was between calming thoughts and easing Jawile’s intrusive internal ramblings out of insistences of murder and more toward light dismemberment. By the time she tuned in, the voice had decided that it liked Betel. Out of Betelgeuse. She supposed that was cute.

“Well, if this Voice is Betelgeuse, can we call our still-unknown eerie Shadow Voice Beelzebub?”

She didn’t realize she’d said it so loud until she actually said the name. Woops.
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"What I question most is how he arrived here if this charmeleon is who you say he is," Bellatrix said to Mhynt, appearing satisfied to have provided a name Betelgeuse liked. "I don't recall seeing a charmander or charmeleon in the Nexus before our arrival and Betel does not appear to know much about him either. Though do correct me if I'm wrong," she then told them, looking up towards the ceiling.

She looked to Odette and appeared to shrug. "It does create a clear dichotomy and it is certainly convenient to have something to call it. Although, while we're on the topic of names, it may be useful to come up with a team name while we're here. I have been noticing in recent times that it has been a tad awkward when trying to refer to ourselves as a collective."
"Betel it is then!" Ghaspius trilled as he performed a flip in the air. "And for your information Missy, I wanted to go for somethin' they liked. Glad we got a nice lil' compromise worked out!" He stuck his tongue out towards Bellatrix.

The Misdreavus cleared his throat as he quite literally slowed his roll. "Still, if that Charmeleon is who ya think it is, and it's not anybody that the Voice summoned... that's a bit concernin', ain't it?" Hints of a front clung to the edges of his lips. "Means that other folk we know might already be around. Hopefully not also Shadowed." His concerned eyes stared at the wall. Roya had to be fine. She was a tough cookie.

His tendrils fluttered as he made a few harsh blinks. "Right! We're gonna want a name that fits everybody, 'mon and 'man, and isn't too spooky either!" He let out a hum. "If we stick with the star theme, we could be like, Stardust Knights — or heroes, or crusaders, or somethin' — but I think there's somethin' that's less of a mouthful we could go with! What do y'all got in mind?
If we stick with the star theme, we could be like, Stardust Knights — or heroes, or crusaders, or somethin' — but I think there's somethin' that's less of a mouthful we could go with! What do y'all got in mind?

A... team name, now? Well... it would be easier than constantly referring to them as 'off-worlders', and it would also define their group specifically as opposed to other off-worlders like Nolan or Owen.

As cute as the Betel suggestion had been, Kimiko had to roll her eyes at the less than stellar team name suggestions. "If we're supposed to be fighting some people who think they're above others, do we really want to play up the 'we are special heroes' bit?"
Koa blinked. "What's a Beelzebub?"
“A legendary,” was her knee-jerk response. She regretted it as soon as it came out of her mouth, and had to refrain from putting her head down in shame.

“If we’re going with group names based on space, might I suggest something big and bold like…the Sentries of Solaris? I admittedly don’t know many star names…”
‘Stardust’, huh… Maybe the Misdreavus was onto something. “It does have a cloudy vibe to it,” Jade offered. “Stardust… squad? Brigade? Something like that?” The only team she’d been on was called the Rebellion, which wasn’t exactly the most original…
Sick. So Odette's world has new legendaries?

He tabled the thought for another time. "What about something related to what we represent?" he mused for a moment, tapping the floor. "Team Valor or something like that?" Admittedly not his best, but it was a start. Although it sounded somehow ingratiating. Too similar. Every evil team from his world called themselves 'Team something'. That wasn't how he wanted to be known here.

Something better than just a team name then. And less unnerving than 'Covenant' or whatever they were called.

Guardians? Wanderers?... "Wayfarers?" he blurted out, glancing around. It was an older word, maybe used more in Hisui but it had a nice ring to it.
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Wes threw Kimiko a positively scorching glare and was about to snap, Who the hell asked you? But then Laura spoke up, attempting to appease the crowd, and he forced himself to take some deep breaths.

He nodded appreciatively at Laura as she addressed all sides, let out a breath of relief when a few others spoke up to agree, and even twitched an ear in surprise when Koa, of all people, chimed in as well with a surprisingly level-headed take. He sighed, finally allowing himself to relax a little. “Thank you,” he said to Laura. “For gods sakes, that’s all I was trying to say.” He cleared his throat and forced the bitterness out of his tone. He had his gripes with a few people here, to be sure, but now wasn’t the time to keep bickering. “Of course whatever we decide, it needs to be done as carefully as possible and we need to all be on the same page about it. As long as we form some kind of reasonable plan to tackle together, I’ll be on board.”

He tilted his head at Gladion and tried his damndest to understand what on earth the chimera was saying. “I have no idea what the hell you just said, but I think I agree with the overall sentiment.”

And then the conversation took several bizarre turns when the other chimera—dammit, Wes couldn’t remember his name—brought out a Pokéball of all things, and suddenly they were brainstorming Voice names and talking about…beetles…? And Wes was utterly lost.

He rubbed at his forehead and tried to stave off the headache that was inevitably around the corner. Sands, he wished this whole cross-worlds mission was simpler than it was turning out to be. He just wanted to return to Neo and Novo.

He did, however, allow a small smile at the Voice’s acceptance of a name. “It’s a nice name,” he said quietly, only for the Voice to hear. “Betel. Sounds like one that would fit in where I’m from.”

He paused, unsure if that was a compliment or not, given Orre’s bizarre naming trends, but decided the Voice—no, Betel—didn’t need to know that.
Aaaaand the conversation had veered in a bizarre direction. Nova still wasn’t sure what to make of the voice. And Mhynt’s declarations of echoes of her old world manifesting here brought a fresh wave of head pain from the mask. Nova barely managed to suppress a growl.

Deciding he didn’t have much to contribute at this point, he nudged the poké ball toward Mhynt, hitting its button in the process. As the ball came to rest by the treecko, the null vanished in a stream of red light. That fresh wave of pain dissipated, replaced by blissful silence and weightlessness.
"Stardust," Mhynt murmured. "There was a comic series that involved a group called the Stardust Conquerors or something. Ho-Oh's Amazing Escapade, I think it was called..."

She sighed. "Wayfarers, though... Mm..." It was an okay name, but it seemed a little meandering. They admittedly hadn't done a lot of traveling, and they also already had a bit of a home base...

"Do we really travel that much?" she commented, gently rolling Nova's Pokeball as if rocking a cradle. "Considering who we're up against, I wondered if we'd try something... related to that. Shadowbane. Mm, something against the coven, though... Coven is based on Covenant of Light, hm? A covenant is an agreement. We don't agree with that...

"Blightbane?" Mhynt asked. "Blightbreakers? Mm, too wordy... But in the end, we are here to rid the world of a blight, in the name of some mysterious voice and guardian of it. I'm not so sure about Wayfarers..."
The sneasel had her eyes fixed on the Poké Ball the moment it came out. And when Nova disappeared inside of it, she couldn’t help letting out a tiny gasp before pressing herself into her seat. Her claws were unsheathed, and she was trembling. Wh...w-what the fuck?

She wanted to leave. She didn’t feel safe in this room anymore. But she couldn’t leave. Not anymore. She was too stubborn to. But she had nothing to add. She was not in the headspace to say anything at all. She couldn’t even think.

Isidora would spend the rest of the meeting silent, gaze fixated on the ball. Hoping Dialga would have mercy on her.
Mhynt glanced at Isidora. "He is fine," she said. "This is.... special technology that can help Pokemon find shelter in a small space. He is not in any discomfort and can come out at any time, if he wants. He can still hear our conversation." Assuming he didn't doze off, at least.
Dave blinked at the Pokéball as it was brought out. “Hold on, what? Who’s making Pokéballs here? The Covenant?”

Well, that was… that was something. So they had another disadvantage, namely that they could be neutralized and abducted in a second by hving a ball thrown at them? Couldn’t be common out here, though, or probably the Blaguarro gang would’ve just used those instead of bothering with this whole elaborate Dig thing.

Still. He shuddered. More things to make this more fucking complicated.
Mhynt paused at that, glancing down at Nova's ball. Was it her place to reveal this...? Did anyone else...?

She had to at least give some information for them. They were a team.

"This goes nowhere," she said firmly to the group. "I... do not know how much I should reveal, even to us. It's a large group of people. It isn't that I do not trust the team to keep a secret, but the odds of any group in general doing so. Even top security groups have a leak estimation rate. Our numbers are large enough that it's... risky no matter how much we're unified. However..."

She sighed.

"The Poke Ball came from the person running the Strange Bulletin Board. It was offered to Nova as a solution to his chronic headache and complications with his mask. It seems to alleviate his symptoms, and an offer was made to go with him to someone who can apparently treat him properly."
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