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Super Smash Bros 4

I read that Lucina was originally meant to be an alt costume for Marth, and she only gained a separate slot because she had slight differences in size/the area of sword power. So basically she didn't steal any spots and the fact that she has her own is moreso a bonus.
No matter how the character roster is sliced any character being introduced that has never been in smash until now is always going to be a newcomer. Lucina is a newcomer even though they did not list it that way he is still new. Everyone outside the Melee and Brawl Realms are newcomers XD.:)
Lucina is a newcomer [...] he is still new.

Lucina's a girl. A girl who looks a lot like Marth, yes, but a girl all the same.

To Be Honest we do have way too many Fire Emblem and Zelda Characters now. [...]What we had in Melee was plenty enough for those characters. Seriously they over did it this time XD.:)

There are more Mario characters than characters in LoZ/FE (separately, of course). (Mario, Peach, Bowser, Luigi, Rosalina vs Link, Zelda, Shiek, Toon Link for LoZ (they're equaled if Ganondorf comes back, of course) and Marth, Ike, Robin and Lucina for FE.) Heck, if Jiggly's back, there's more playable Pokemon characters than in those series.

And either way, this makes sense! LoZ is definitely one of Nintendo's most popular series (right up there with Mario and Pokemon), and Fire Emblem, if I read correctly, got outright saved by Awakening's popularity, so all the characters is Nintendo's way of a) responding to that popularity (hence Robin, Lucina and that Chrom cameo) and b) celebrating! Which they should.

(Unfortunately, that comment reads a lot as a "I don't like/don't play these series therefore they should have less characters" statement. And that's disappointing! I consistently forget F-Zero exists when there isn't SSB talk going on, but that doesn't mean Captain Falcon shouldn't be in here.)

Anyways: I'm really excited about Robin and Lucina despite my not playing Awakening (soon I will get it...sooooon....once I can afford it) and overall I'm really satisfied with the roster!
ManI sure hope Mewtwo makes it back. Yeah Jiggly puff is part of the original 12 characters so she is in. Ganondorf is questionable because he is powerful but very slow and he is good for close combat only. He has been around since Melee so he may not make the cut this tim. Besides Ike is now in + 2 other FE characters. I don't see Ganondorf making it back but with all the other new characters I will be surprised if Ganondorf returns to smash XD.:)
Anybody else hoping for a new character reveal at Comic-Con, since Nintendo has a presence there with a Smash 3DS tournament and other stuff? I've heard that they have some surprises in store for us there. Happens around the end of the week so we should look forward to it.

Question is, will we get to see his room or the sage/leader fight?

What about the music? Do you have any favorite tracks you want to hear in the games? Personally, I'd love to hear Fluffy Bluff Galaxy.
Ooh music. Well, here's my list as of now.

  • Byrne's theme as an alt song for the spirit tracks stage.
  • A lot more of the recent pokemon music, especially on the wii u version (kalos pokemon league is the perfect opportunity).
  • The entirety of the fire emblem: awakening soundtrack.
  • More realistically, Mastermind, Chaos (Ablaze), Divine Decree (Ablaze), Monstrosity, Destiny (Ablaze), Conquest (Ablaze), or Don't Speak Her Name! would all be great.

But overall I'm pretty much fine with anything and everything. Smash bros is actually how I find good videogame music for series that I haven't played.
I wonder when they will show all of the menus and options for the games. I have not seen anything except for a few 3DS photos.:)
A lot of stuff is happening lately but today Meta Knight was revealed as a returning character. Which is pretty much what everybody expected, just a matter of when. We'll have to wait until the game's out to see if all his attacks were toned down a bit.
Don't forget about the new Solo mode as well as Stadium mode. Hope they ditched 15 minute mode because that mode was so annoying in Melee.:)
Man I hope they don't make that mode a secret mode again like they always have. I wish you could access all modes from the start of the game.:)
I hope they have the BW Gym Leader music! At least they have its composer on the team...

Those musicians have some awesome credentials. My standards for these games' music has just shot through the roof.
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