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Super Smash Bros 4

I heard they are working on programming Mewtwo now and he will come out after the event next year.:)
Yep, and he's free if you have the 3DS and Wii U versions or something like that.

I have to say I'm still depressed that Ridley is YET AGAIN not playable. I've since come to the conclusion that if Sakurai hasn't made him playable by now, he probably never will.

...though I'm sure that would change if Ridley was a Kid Icarus Uprising character.
What do you mean by that? As I said, I'm pretty sure none are being worked on. Mewtwo was probably coming back (seeing how Dr. Mario came back, it's possible), but the public clamoring a launch date got Mewtwo cut.

Ridley's already a stage hazard, so he's not coming in this installment. Besides, I've never understood how Ridley would appear in battle; he's huge. Scaling him down too much would prevent him to actually look like how he's supposed to be.
Basically, Mewtwo was probably meant to be in the game since launch, but people were asking for the launch date, so they decided to cut Mewtwo and bring him in as DLC.
Yeah Ridley is huge but his sprite can be edited to fit the screen. In the original NES Metroid Ridley was not that big and all he had then was a barrage of fireballs and jumped and fired them at all directions. He was also a decent size in Super Metroid as well and he fit the screen still. They can edit the sprite to fit just like with all the other characters in the game.:)
So what with the Wii U version coming out tomorrow (Where I live anyway), anyone want to talk about their favorite characters, such as mains and the like? My favorites are probably Palutena (I'm convinced that people putting her at bottom tier have no idea how to play as her), Mega Man (I freaking love his unorthodox playstyle), Duck Hunt (Incredibly fun to play as, but don't worry as I'm not a spammer and runner), Bowser Jr (Specifically Iggy, I still can't get over how kickass it is to have the Koopalings playable), and Wario (Perfect troll character, nothing feels more satisfying than defeating a Yoshi/Sheik/ZSS/Little Mac/Lucario with a fully charged fart and getting the win screen where Wario rolls around on the floor laughing his ass off).
Yeah too bad I don't have a Wii U but don't forget you need it to get Mewtwo as well as the 3DS version. Also as a reminder OR/AS comes out tomorrow too.:))
I heard it is great for getting certain things in the game as well. Anyone have Mewtwo yet?:)
Do you guys have both games so you can get Mewtwo in a few months? I hope you guyd can get him so you can use him in your games.:)
I'm just going to get him whenever he becomes purchasable. I don't feel like buying the same game twice in order to get one character, it's cheaper in the long run to pop a few bucks to download him.
Right now it is not even thought of to do a download in the future so if you don't get the games while you can you may never see him in your games. I don't see why not make him an in game event like with Melee.:)
I ended up buying both versions, so I'm all registered for Mewtwo and the soundtrack deal.

I originally got just the 3DS version, as I didn't have a Wii U in 2014 - but decided to purchase the Wii U version with some gift cards received for Christmas, and make it my goal to save for the console with the game as motivation.

One unexpected Christmas bonus later, I'm smashing away on both versions.
I know I'm a bit late to this thread, but me and Dazel have been playing the Wii U version a bit, and I mained Wii Fit Trainer. Idk why, but she/he's great. I am pretty good with my mii fighter as well. I basically just made all of his attacks the ones closest to the bottom (when you're making the moves custom) and give it the brawler badge. Dazel hates it OP ALERT EVERYONE and yeah I love Omega levels.
Wow you guys are so lucky. Man I wish I could get these game and I hope they fuse Mewtwo in permanently somehow after the event is over later this year.:)
And how are you a prophet? A Prophet hold certain keys to certain things. Do you hold keys for certain things? If not you are not a Prophet. You have to be a leader of something and hold keys for certain things to be a real prophet. You are not a real prophet.:)
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