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TCoD Firefox Persona, perhaps?

Dr Frank

The Erratic One
So, I won't tell the story and the inspiration I received for this idea, so I'll just tell the idea, for now. Also, I hope I've put this in the right section.

Why not someone capable make a TCoD-themed Firefox Persona? I'm not at all good with Photoshop or whatever, so I suggest if anyone has the interest or time to make one, or succeeds in making one, they should post it here. Later ~

For your assistance, a how-to-make-Persona: Step 1 - Step 2 - Step 3 - Step 4
Forgive ze impulsiveness...

Crazy Linoone

broke ASB
The biggest problem here, however, is what exactly is a TCoD theme? A picture of tea and a cod? Maybe butterfree typing at a computer? There are many styles on the TCoD website, and those styles are centered on pokemon, not TCoD itself -- to put it shortly, TCoD does not have an actual, single image or theme that expresses itself. And, no, a cup of tea and a cod does not count.


I imagine a sort of conglomerate image with all the mascots On the right and maybe the Tea Cod in joke off to the left side with the... monocur(?) underneath it. I know I spelled that wrong, but the "Where the dragons and bugs stand around together" thing.

Of course, it'd never fit.