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The Clue Game

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Thanks so much for your clue, but...

-_-" Can I please have another clue...? I can't seem to get it... If not, thanks anyway.
@ funtubs I'm up to clue 30 :sweatdrop: and for clue 7: Well, what is it? I'm certain it is not the eye....

Sorry if that gave too much away
Remember four and five? It's sort of related in that way, but to give something less than horribly vague, Take the answer to thirteen and combine it with what you just said about fourteen, "first appearance." It's two words but it may have no spaces, I can't remember.
You think butterfree would make such a carefully planned thing have a typo?

Yes, it is. Check bulbapedia for Scyther's Japanese name
@ funtubs Y'know, when I was younger, I thought I was really clever 'cause I knew that _____ pokemon's name was _____ backwards...

I hope this helps and isn't too vague.
sdrawkcab si nomekoP tahw?

Jooce, I won't give more hints after this. It's the name of a game
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