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The Clue Game

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ok im on 7 and im pretty sure i have the right answer but it wont let me continue. every time i enter it, it says that one more person got it right (me), but i cant move on to the next clue!!
It doesn't have query strings in it. Here's a hint: Polls. And remember, no spaces in answers!

Now, I still don't get 15. What an I supposed to type?
For 10: You have to think carefully on this one. The "s" is there for a reason. The main part for you is to find out what the Scyther stands for.
Now please someone help me with 11!!
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I'mma be painfully obvious now. You need your behavior to be good to pass, right? So what needs to be what? Replace the two whats with the two haves of the query string.
the only other query string in the game should be 27. As for 16, I don't remember the content of it so you should PM me the link if you want help
What are the three pictures in order? It's Mewtwo's sprite, Strike, and Mewtwo's back sprite.
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