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The "Fwee" Thread

Started my weeklong dance intensive! It's 1-5 every day and I have extra classes on Tuesday and Wednesday. It's a lotof work because I'm really behind on ballet but it's so much fun.
I have been at my uncle's house for days, and it was very uncomfortable, but now I am home! Where my cat is! I have missed my kitty.
aaaaaaaaaaaaah i'm so happy

okay so my school does this thing where like ten kids go to different schools and perform shakespeare shit so i tried out and got in which is rad as hell but not why i'm excited

anyways we finally got our email about the theme and shit and our director head guy was all "also send me your local newspaper and your high school so we can tell them" and just being generally fucking cute ("AND, please let me know the name of your high school so we can contact them about your imminent stardom on the Shakespeare Tour. Fun is about to happen!!" i mean look at this shit)


(also one of my friends who graduated (i'm sure you all know the one) landed a professional audition so that's rad. like really rad aaaaaah)
I got a floppy hat! :D :D :D
I got a Japanese event Diancie from a random passerby I beat in battle, and it might even be a legit one? Haha wow I'm okay with this.
I had all my videos set to private, but I forgot how good some of these were, and now I have to share them with you:


Lmao, Tommy Wiseau throwing his bottle at Justin Bieber.

That first one reminds me of the MLP parody of the Bel-Air opening I did. I deleted my youtube account but I should still have all the videos on a hard drive somewhere.
YouTube Poop is a wonderful thing. Even if their spiritual predecessor animutations will always be my favorite type of internet weird videos.
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