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The "Fwee" Thread

My dad gave me his record collection, and we went and bought a new record player. There's like 50 records from the 70s and 80s all in good condition. They sound great!

I also bought myself Wish You Were Here and OK Computer vinyls to add to my new collection.
Going to camp today :D :D :D finally getting the heck out of my hometown and working at my favorite place on earth (or off it). Last summer was the best time of my life and all there is to do now is top it
I applied to a school last month and got a rejection letter on Wednesday. I then proceeded to apply to another school on Thursday. I just now checked my email and they'd already sent me a "yep, you're in!" message on Friday! Don't have to worry about that anymore, I guess :D
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Me, three days ago: I'll download Zelda II even though I'll never be able to beat it haha

Me, now:


CAMP IS SO MUCH FUN i missed everything about this so much, it feels like the rest of my life has been a vacation from here. I'm completely back in my element and I'm un-FUCKING-STOPPABLE

My ex-girlfriend I thought was gonna make things really weird but actually we're getting along swimmingly, there's pretty much no problem and it's great. Also, this absolutely stunning knockout woman I've been admiring from afar for the last three years of college added me on facebook and i think I may have died and gone to heaven because we officially met once like a month ago and didn't really have hardly any contact at all even at the audition we were at

life is good
After a few days of SRing, I finally have my shiny Kyurem! My synch Ralts failed AGAIN; it ended up with a Brave nature (could be worse, haha) and 4IVs (missing sp def and speed). I'm Extremely Pleased and will probably go SR Giratina next :O

oh my god the formes are so fucking adorable! Black Kyurem is like some weird-ass goblin and White Kyurem looks like a derpy dog :D :D
Spent all day in the deepest, darkest corner of my room writing and playing Oblivion/Final Fantasy VII.

Day well spent, I hate the light

I caught a shiny Raikou yesterday after just a few hours of SRing and snagged a lovely Bold shiny Suicune just now! The RNG gods are smiling to me. I'm off to get me a sparkly Entei now! :D

EDIT: got my shiny Entei today! yooooooo
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Holy fuck, whoa! Just caught a shiny Cobalion and it actually got the Synched Adamant nature and has 5 perfect IVs! It's only missing Sp.Def (and it's 16 according to a stat calculator). This is the fanciest fucking shiny legendary I've caught so far! :D

EDIT: not gonna double post so editing: My sister just texted me that her fancy new desktop's at the post office! OHH BOY I'm gonna be glued to the goddamn screen after next week (I'm currently not at her place and will go there after all the midsummer's celebrations and shit)!! I'm kind of sad I'm not there atm but on the other hand, she'll have plenty of time to download + install all the necessary games and whatnot :O
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man i guess this was to be expected but now that school's done for the year the friend drama seems to have really cleared up!

like okay his birthday was a mental disaster for me and it was really hard explaining to my parents that seeing all my friends posting happy birthday stuff ALL DAY was really upsetting - and okay at least one friend is sorta acting like nothing's changed and it's super weird when you can't like/comment on a facebook post OR see half the comments - but overall it seems to be pretty normal?

i mean i guess the thing is that i haven't really been talking to my college friends but they haven't really tried contacting me either so whatever

at least i'm not as much of a mental mess as i was from march to may
Dishonored 2? Fallout 4 in November, Mass Effect: Andromeda in late 2016??? A computer that can most likely run all those things????

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