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The "Fwee" Thread

The Omskivar

chah, dude
The first week of my theatre class is going a lot better than it did last year! This week I wrote a film noir where the narrator is the inner voice of the detective and everyone's enjoying it so much, even the girl who insisted her part sucked is super into it now

Yesterday was Carnival Day and I'm now part of a triumvirate of theme-Wednesday coordinators, my partner and I threw a really successful day centered around cheering up a sad clown! The staff we picked to play the sad clown was fucking perfect, the staff we picked to play the happy clown was fucking perfect, there were more laughs than any Carnival Day I can remember and the first week wasn't a fucking disaster

I also had to rebuild the Wednesday-night dance from scratch, since nobody left any resources behind last year, and despite my boss' suggestions to put TNT by AC/DC on the playlist everyone fucking loved it. We started out with a power trifecta of Shut Up And Dance~Can't Hold Us~Shake It Off, and by the end of the night we played Bad Blood (the Kendrick Lamar remixed version) and it was more popular than anything we had last year (barring the Cha Cha Slide and other line dances). The older kids' extra dance hour kicked off with a remix of Riptide that went over really well, everything yesterday just ran so smoothly

I love my job


Strange days ahead
What's your team and what resources have you been utilizing!
My main doubles team is this:

Noivern (Frisk) <Timid> @Choice specs
252 Spec A / 252 Speed/ 4 HP
- Draco meteor
- Air slash
- Flamethrower
- Switcheroo

Scizor (Technician) <Adamant> @Lum berry
252 Attack / 252 HP/ 4 Def
- Bullet punch
- Bug bite
- Knock off
- Roost

I generally start with these two first, and they've proven pretty effective. Choice specs draco meteor OHKOs tons of things, and those that survive with a sliver of health can by finished with a bullet punch. Noivern is great because it's just so goddamn fast that it out-speeds almost everything. Switcheroo completely wrecks walls that would otherwise cause problems.

Frisk is very useful, since I can scout out any potential focus sash users that may survive DM and possibly cripple Noivern. It also gives me an idea of what items Scizor can knock off or berries he can steal.

I was sort of debating on using mega Scizor, but lum berry has actually been really good, since a lot of pokes seem to carry swagger, and it allows me to nab a free attack boost. It's also pretty good for baiting them into inflicting status then using the free turn to finish them off. Also, Weaviles (obvious threat to Noivern) in doubles very rarely carry focus sash or ice shard, so I've been easily able to OHKO them with bullet punch. Big threats like Aerodactyl and Archeops also fall to one BP.

The other two are:

Vaporeon (Water absorb) <Bold> @Leftovers
252 HP / 252 Def/ 4 Spec A
- Ice beam
- Wish
- Protect
- Scald

Umbreon (Synchronize) <Calm> @Sitrus berry
252 HP / 252 Spec D/ 4 Def
- Foul play
- Heal bell
- Moonlight
- Toxic

I usually switch in Vaporeon if there's an incoming ice/fire type move user that Noivern can't KO. Ice shard is mostly an issue. It was a real trial and error thing at first, since there's a lot of ice/fire move users beyond the obvious, like ice beam on Exploud and flamethrower on Slurpuff, but once I got a grasp of the moveset variants, I knew when to switch in. Actually, that's another thing frisk is good for; different movesets carry different items, so it allowed me to tell what variant of moveset the Pokémon I was up against had.

Umbreon is.... not quite as useful as I hoped it'd be, but I've had some good runs with it. Basically, status was kicking my ass at certain points, like paralysis on Noivern and burns on Vaporeon and Scizor, so heal bell was good in that regard. Mostly Umbreon is just there to sponge hits and allow its team-mate to do the heavy damage, occasionally lending a hand with foul play and toxic.

THIS TURNED OUT REALLY LONG-WINDED, sorry.... It's far from perfect, and took a lot of trial and error to get a good plan going and learn the AI's moveset variants. I think its main weakness is that it doesn't account for hax like double team and OHKO users. My main way around that was basically to learn which pokes had the offending moves and gang up on them quickly before they could set up.

So yeah, I hope it helps a little or at least gives you some team inspiration.
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Oh, I wasn't asking because I needed inspiration for my (potential) own doubles team - I've been lurking the Battle Maison thread on Smogon for a while now and I'm always curious what people who aren't on that thread come up with. And more specifically, if they utilize the resources that have been compiled by the Smogon community. I know you managed to make it to 100 by trial and error alone (and honestly I am more than a little impressed, since I am terrible at building my own teams and just stole a bunch of Smogon teams when I attempted the Maison) but I'm always like "OH MAISON DISCUSSION OUTSIDE OF SMOGON HERE LET ME GIVE YOU ALL THE RESOURCES"


Strange days ahead
Oh right, oops, I feel kind of silly for rambling now! Ah well. I did want to try and win on my own merits and without any gimmicks, so I didn't consult Smogon for anything... it actually didn't occur to me that they had such an extensive guide on the maison, huh. I think I'll just stick to winging it though, since it's more fun that way. (and frustrating, of course)


I'm the complete opposite - I have a better time when I'm on equal footing with the AI by knowing what they're gonna do to me, haha. But I figured I'd at least share the resources! Good luck continuing, though, and let us know if you hit 200!!


has a BONE to pick with you
I'm finally playing DA: Inquisition on a machine that can handle it and aaahhh I'm just :D :D

(will be even better as soon as the bigger monitor comes in the mail! Having to use a big-ish TV screen with a 1366x768 resolution is just... bIG PIXELS everywhere)


has a BONE to pick with you
Saw Alphaville live yesterday and got an autograph from Marian Gold (plus he complimented my name) :D :D

Eta Carinae

I really loved that farm.
I sometimes get a tip at work, usually around five bucks. Yesterday a group of five came down and gave me forty dollars! Really brightened my day.


I've been replaying Morrowind and I have to take a shit ton of notes in real life just to remember where to go and I'm loooving it.


Fire emblem is great
I got to replay Mystery Dungeon Sky, and once again I ended up tearing up at the ending. This is a truly beautiful game.


For the first time in almost a year, I finally feel free of the depression and anger that had been a plague for my thoughts and actions. :D


I used to be Hippy!
Me and my Jakey haven't been able to talk as much as we'd like to lately, but today is our 2 year anniversary :) and these two years have been amazing, and if it weren't for this place, we wouldn't have met :)


I ordered some Hamtaro badges from a really sketchy online shop a week or so ago. They came in the mail today \o/



the fool
My cat Rex (who this meowth is named after incidentally) finally came home! He was gone since before the fourth of july and he showed up in our backyard yesterday night, finally! He gets all the tunas today <3