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The QUILTBAG Club (formerly the LGBT club)


The Snomfather
She/Her or They/Them
Nothing wrong with that. I kept meaning to revive this thread on my own. So i'm trans and i'm Bi and i Identify as Demi-girl so i'm about as confusing as i can get but it doesn't really matter as long as people call me she/her pronouns :D *Nervous Laughter*


QUILTBAG :love: You know, as a 12 year old, I think these forums were my first real interaction with people from what I would have considered "the outside world", both in that the culture was much more liberal and my hometown and family, but also people engaged with me like I don't think they'd typically engage with a twelve year old IRL (i.e. actually taking their ideas seriously and not taking pains not too sound harsh).

I have vague memories of joining and arguing against gay marriage, which I'm sure I could find if I looked (but ew.) Users here argued me out of that notion, or at least really shook my resolve there and a lot of my more close-minded beliefs. (I also really, really looked up to Butterfree and hung on her every word, and now that I think about it, I wonder if I would have been an atheist if not for her blog posts. That never occurred to me before, and it's probably true, which blows my mind since "there's no god" seems like such an obvious fact of the universe nowadays.) So two years or so later, when I realized that I, myself, am gay, I think I can actually draw a direct line between the TCoD community and my young self's ability to not think it was something wrong or that I had something to hide. Who would've thought a Pokemon fan forum can have such an effect on one's life!
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mr. business
since accepting myself as trans, i've thought i'm a straight guy, but turns out i might be bi as long as I don't have to be another guy's "girlfriend." when i was a kid, i'd get crushes on guys right up until we might date, at which point i was repulsed. couldn't figure out why. maybe this is it