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[Tier I] Geyser City Gym


Willst du?
Hello, and welcome to the Geyser City Gym! Here you may challenge the Gym Leader, Steele. Those who emerge victorious will be awarded with the Geyser Badge. *Sprite pending*

The Rules
Those things people should read. Yup, they're right here.

-Here we use Smogon's OU Tier. Anything in this tier or below is legal.
-TCoD's ban list is also in effect.
-Infernape is an additional ban.
-Sleep, Evasion, Species, OHKO, Hax and Soul Dew clause are all turned on.
-If a Dissconnection occurs after twelve turns into the battle, the D/Cer forfeits.
-Losing challengers must wait one week before re-challenging the gym.

Time zone, best times, ect.

My time zone is GMT-8 (Pacific time), and I prefer evening battles. I'm gone a lot on weekends, so Monday through Thursday would be best.

~FC: 3609-8129-6868~


-None, currently.


Geyserfield was originally a base for a Fire-type cult, much like Team Magma. As the seasons drug on, winter came, bringing weary trainers looking for Ice-Types to Geyserfield. Eventually, trainers began fishing the lakes in the craters, and more the people heard of this paradise, the more they flocked there. Thus, Geyser Base became Geyserfield City, putting it on the map of Dachét. It's the big red square in the midwest, people.

The Gym itself is located nearly a mile outside of town, in the roughest part of the geyserfield. It is a fully outdoor Gym. Here, it gets bloody hot in the summer, hitting 120ºF on an average, but can drop to zero easily in the winter.
Tremors put nice effect to the battles, along with explosions of sulfur and boiling water. It isn't uncommon to see some lava here and there, either. Pools of rainwater are dotted across the craters, ranging in size from puddles to small lakes. They give a nice break from the red lava-rock.

Pending Challenges[/b

-None, yet.

Those who have emerged victorious


Those who must wait for a rematch

-None. Again.~



will remain confined to the pokemon topics
Re: Geyser City Gym (Tier I)

I, Pwnemon, challenge your other gym too!


Willst du?
Internet troubles. *Points to Beor Town Gym thread* It works, then uits, then works... couold you wait a while?


Willst du?
Okay, my parents firewall'd our nternet, so I'll have to be using my neighbor's wi-fi, at one bar of signal strength. I can battle, but catch me as soon as you see me on; I won't be here nearly as much.