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Web Resources


will be the prettiest little girl since Zac Efron.
Thank you Number 100 for linking me to the Google Cache.
Thank you surskitty for compiling this on the previous TCoD.
So add, add on.

BrowserFree Website Hosters:
  • 40MB
  • 500Mb of bandwidth per month
  • Supports SSI
At Space
  • Supposedly unmetered bandwidth.
  • 50MB
  • Adless
Award Space
  • 200MB Disk Space
  • 5GB Monthly Traffic
  • 2 Domains Hosting
  • 5 Subdomains
  • Free DNS Server
  • PHP, Perl/CGI-BIN
  • 1 MySQL Database
  • FTP/FrontPage Access
  • 5 POP3/IMAP E-mails
  • Instant Account Setup
  • Web-based File Manager
  • Easy-to-use Control Panel
  • Reliable RAID Backups
  • GRID Hosting Platform
  • Forum Support
  • Fully Upgradeable
  • 300 MB free web space
  • 30 GB free monthy traffic
  • PHP scripting support
  • Free MySQL database
  • No file size limitations
  • No forum posting required
  • Instant activation
  • 200 MB Space
  • 10 GB Bandwidth
  • 2 Databases
  • 2 Addon Domain Names
  • 1 FTP Account
  • 0 Forced Ads on Your Site
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL Support
  • Upgradable Plans
  • PHP, PERL/CGI, SSI Supported
  • Script AutoInstaller
  • Cron Job Support
  • Custom Error Pages
  • POP E-Mail
  • E-Mail Forwarder and Autoresponder
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Webalizer
  • Optional Template Based Editor
  • File Manager
  • HOURLY Backups
  • Frontpage Extensions
  • Free Subdomain
  • Custom Control Panel
  • Extensive FAQ
  • Fast Forum Support
Commentary: Go with Freewebs if you want limited simplicity; ask people with websites if you don't plan on using tons of bandwidth.
Paid Website Hosters
SiteFlip (about $.99 a month)
Nearly Free Speech
Commentary: Go with SiteFlip. It's good.
Forum Hosters
CreateMyBB (apparently the only MyBB hosters)

Commentary: ClicDev is fairly good; haven't used the rest. Try to host your own stuff if you can.
Free Forum Scripts

Commentary: nothing interesting
Paid Forum Scripts
Invision Power Board

Commentary: vBulletin. Invision started charging for absolutely everything so vBulletin is cooler AND cheaper.
Oekaki Scripts
Wax Poteto
Commentary: You'd best not be hosted by some random person for this: they eat up your bandwidth like there's no tomorrow.
Dynamic Drive
The Javascript Source
Commentary: Try not to use too many of them.
Saybox (Monthly fee)
Commentary: Oggix or CBox.
Website HelpImage Hosting
Commentary: Photobucket is nice unless you like saving as .BMP for some ungodly reason, in which case, use Imageshack and possibly save it and upload to Photobucket if you want.
Free/Libre/Open Source Software
Text Editors
FTP Clients
Misc. ResourcesHelpful Firefox Add-ons
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Might want to give credit to surskitty for taking the time to compile all of this.

Regardless, nice idea bringing this thread back.
Why are Notepad++ and Filezilla under Freeware? They're both FOSS, to the best of my knowledge.
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Why are Notepad++ and Filezilla under Freeware? They're both FOSS, to the best of my knowledge.
[shrug] probably because I put together the list like a year ago or more and I haven't touched it since. GOGOGO fix it yourself
I'm thinking of starting my text-based RPG. I hate Invisionfree, desire vBulletin but cannot afford it, and want to use something similar to vB. What forum provider do you recommend I use for the RPG, and could you help me with MySQL (or whatever I shall need to host the forum)? Sorry, I'm not too technologically advanced.
I'd recommend MyBB, although there are plenty of demos of free forum software out there so you might as well play around with some of their backends/control panels and see what you're more comfortable with. In fact:


Basically they have a bunch of installs of free/open source PHP software (content management systems, forums, wikis and blogs, mostly, but they have other stuff), give you the login details and let you mess around with the features before you commit to downloading/installing anything, and then reset the installs every 2 hours to prevent anyone messing them up with permanent changes. Members also comment on the software; lots of them are developers and some of what they comment on could potentially confuse non-technical people, but there are enough people who say things that are easy enough to understand for average Joe potential admin.

Anyway, do you really need to host the forum yourself? If you're not comfortable handling the database stuff then I'd just go with a remotely-hosted forum. Granted, I've been watching CreateMyBB and am a little annoyed with their slow progress towards allowing new themes and plugins, but if you're willing to find someone else to skin the forum and don't need any shiny plugins (and you shouldn't unless you're looking for some specific kind of functionality) then you might as well go with them.

If you'd really rather not use remotely hosted forums then you'll need a host that supports MySQL and PHP, yes... AwardSpace, Parahosting and maybe iFastNet and ZendURL are the only ones up there I'd recommend looking at. I also like Freehostia, but they require a telephone number to verify your account (they don't bother with it again after that) and I know that turns some people off. The one thing about using most free hosts is that they disable some PHP functions, which basically means you can run the forum but can't use email validation for it and therefore can lose a layer of protection against spambots and the like; it will also prevent things like members recovering lost passwords, etc.. Paid hosts usually have those functions enabled, so you have more control over who can and can't do things requiring getting an email from the board. Or you can ask someone with paid hosting to give you a little space, although you probably wouldn't be able to have access to any sort of control panel to do anything yourself and, depending on the forum you use, might have to nag them whenever you need things like a backup or forum software upgrade or new plugin or whatever.

So to summarize I really think you ought to just use remote hosting for now, but a decent free host/inexpensive paid hosting/nagging someone would work too.

aaa long post is long sorry but hopefully it was generally helpful. Oh, and as an extra recommendation for the list:

Fusion News

If you must use a PHP news script to do your site updates or whatever then for the love of god don't use CuteNews, use something else like this.
...For what? Hosting a forum?

If they support some other language (Perl, Python, etc.) you could try forums/software that run on that. Or you could use whatever probably crappy "plugin" comes with your hosting (I'm looking at you, Freewebs). Or host remotely with someplace like InvisionFree, CreateMyBB, etc.

And if you can't do any of that then either get a better host or go without.

Since you're using Freewebs, your only option is their sad little forum unless you use remote hosting. I'd give serious consideration to changing hosts, though. Freewebs sites get very little respect from most of the serious Pokémon internet community in addition to the fact that they don't let you do anything fun like host decent forums, etc.

Honestly, I'd take it off of the resources list purely because its reputation is crap by now. That and Geocities and Tripod. Recommending those is like Eevee recommending Paint to a spriter. :/
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The same thing; if your site can't run PHP for a forum then it can't run it for a news script. And yes, Freewebs should give you options like "include a forum for your website!" somewhere in the control panel, which you are better off ignoring anyway because everything they offer is subpar.
I know. I tried making a forum, but then I couldn't post. I logged out and when I tried logging back in, It took me to a page on my old, pre-made layout that I had for about a day. When I tried registering, It took me to a blank page. and I couldn't edit any of them.
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