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Welcome to Farroh!

I did Kuwalaze too. Personally I think I did a better job on Oaflaim but I hope you like it anyway.

Ah, sorry for the confusion, Tropiking, and thanks again! The Kuwalaze looks really cool too!
Castform, your Pokemon are awesome! I especially like the entire Spirrefour line.

I have a couple of questions regarding your gym leaders. I understand the connections between the names of most of them, but there are a few that I don't get; Natalie, Regan, and Ryan. What are the connections between their names and the types they train?
Thanks :]

Natalie - Nature

Regan - Regal

Ryan - I honestly can't remember why I chose this one, but there definitely was a reason at some point.
Nooo! Farroh is almost on the second page T_T Want me to sprite something for you, Zephy?

Right. Yes, Bakuphoon, you may sprite something if you want.

Ihave an update ready as soon as I've fixed the problem mentioned above.
Right, I know why now. it's because my computer is so terrible that it can;t handle as simple an operation as editing a moderately large post. So what I'll need to do is either ask someone I trust very much to go into my account briefly and do it for me or just wait 'til i get a new one (Which shouldn't be very long, probably some point in the next few weeks...)
Edit your second post in the thread. Keep them there until you get a new comp.
Farroh is not going to die! Grrr!

I'm getting my new PC in a week or so, so yeah.
Thanks :D

I lost a lot when the forums crashed, but I'm in the process of re-building...
It says in the first post... I'll just check...

Okay, about eighteen Pokémon, a couple of abilities and an item or two. So, really, not too much, but still bad.
Oh, well. BTW I will not be on July 29- August 2 as i will be at a soccer tournament in Germany.
Not. letting. This. Die.

Obviously I can't update until I get my new PC, so this is just a bump.
I'm bored, so have a fun fact:

The name 'Farroh' comes from 'far off', referring to the fact that it is a large distance from the regions featured in the other games so far.
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