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What are you listening to?


A chickadee in love with the sky
It's hard for me to find new music since my brain specifically likes music that's already familiar to me (in a broad definition of the term. For some reason it defines "familiar" as meaning somewhere on the range of "songs I've heard like 100 times" to "songs that are made by bands adjacent to other ones I've already listened to")
I can relate to this! I have branched out into some new music genres lately, but I tend to stick to "this one particular artist of this genre" for a long time before I add other artists into the mix ha.

Anyway, I currently can't get enough of Marcus Warner (epic instrumental/orchestral/sometimes lyrics/movie trailer-esque) - particularly Deep Blue and all of 39 Seconds. It's so expansive and immersive and I feel like I'm flying :O


i LOVE old marina and the diamonds (even though she doesn’t even go by that name anymore ...). the family jewels is a blessed album

coming back to say that i’ve been revisiting a lot of early radiohead. also going heavy on phoebe bridgers again, as if boygenius wasn’t enough..... i’m so excited for her next record :’)))
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