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What is your idea of the perfect Pokemon Game?


Weeping Willow Pines.
Something that was more realistic and had more options, was more freestyle, and stuff.
With lots more choices and ways to train, and lovely art.
Anyways, that would be one good game. I know you already have tons of options and can utilize different strategies, but the game I had in mind was mind-blowingly entertaining, with lots of possibilities.
It's impossible.


A 3d online game with decent-to-good graphics, where the pokemon doesn't always have to be inside the pokeball when you're travelling. The ability to sail to all 5 or 6 (however many) regions, and replacing the 'League' with an online tournament system.


The Overly Effeminate Aerodactyl
A game that's actually challenging. (I doubt I'll be pushed to the limit in Platinum. The Trainer Lodge will be an easier place to level up my Pokemon)

Also, a Universal Trading Place where you don't need another pathetic human. A bit like an In-Game GTS that doesn't suck.

That's an idea. NO MORE GTS! It's an epic PHAIL!


It's feeding time
I think a perfect game would be somewhat different, instead of being human battling WITH Pokémon, you should battle AS Pokémon.

To explain it clearly: In the beginning of the game, you choose a Pokémon and play as the lowest of the evolutionary line, live in the wild and grow and evolve trying to survive the wild life, while trainers try to catch you and other bigger pokémon try to eat you. If you get caught, something else would happen, but I have no idea what. Also, the game should be for WII or something, think of it, running around in a nice anime-style 3D forest/mountain area/desert/cave as your favourite Pokémon, wouldn't that be awesome?
No turn based battles, you would be able to run around freely in the area, dodging enemy moves while trying to get in your attacks at the enemy, and you should also be able to run away, but the enemy would of course follow you until you're out of sight.
The game would have some sort of "Social rank" the bigger and stronger your character is, the higher rank you have, and the higher rank you have, the less enemies would try to attack/eat you. You gained ranks by showing of strength, defeating enemies and evolving, while losing if you run away, get chased away from a area by a stronger enemy or just being small and weak.

That's my opinion of a perfect game, I think that would be badass.


used Bat Credit Card!
Echoing what some others have said and adding a few new ideas:

These are for a normal handheld game:

-All the basic stuff is fine. Battle system, leveling, all those concepts are to remain mostly unchanged.
-Customizable trainers. PBR went in the right direction, but I seek further customization. You should be able to customize clothes, accessories, hair, eyes, age, build, and other stuff. Also add clothing stores across the region for customization during the game.
-Actually being able to type what you want to type. Just using random words annoyed me.
-Online region mode, where you can meet trainers traveling all over the region.
-Maybe an evil team that's so good that they're evil? Crazed crusaders are generally more creepy then outright crooks.
-Rather than more than one region, make the single new region the size of two or three regions, like how LA in Midnight Club: Los Angeles is the size of three Midnight Club cities.
-The option to let out your Pokemon while walking around. Well, unless they're a legendary whose mere presence can tear apart the fabric of the universe.
-Furniture items that actually have a function (i.e. a bed that can heal your Pokemon, a working TV, etc.)
-Daily side-quests that involve more battling and such (i.e. escorting someone through an area in order for them to perform a daily action such as gathering honey from aggressive Beedrills. Succeeding would get you a unique item or more money.)
-More trainers with very high-leveled Pokemon. Perhaps in areas that would only be unlocked after the Elite Four. The true best trainer in the entire region would have level 100 Pokemon.
-Legendaries for the types that don't have them yet (Poison, Bug, Fighting)

However, a Pokemon MMO would be pure boss. *Assaulted for using an old slang word* Just be sure to have in-depth trainer customization.


Most likely leaving TCoD
Well, I think there should be...

  • 2D sprites, but DP style overworld
  • Keep storyline, Prof. tree, fire/water/grass starter triangle (but maybe with a diffeent triangle added as a dual type for the final evo?), and evil team, but make the team a bit more evil with more interesting goals
  • RSE style secret bases
  • More puzzles like sliding on ice, teleport tiles, etc. + trick house
  • Travel to all the regions, plus a new, very large region with tons of cities
  • Faster surfing, more water routes
  • More pokemon that aren't related to previous pokemon


Most likely leaving TCoD
No, read the fun facts section of TCoD.

The only possible starter triangles (i.e. three types that are weak to one another in a rock-paper-scissors fashion and the same with resistances in reverse) other than the traditional Fire/Water/Grass are Rock/Fighting/Flying, Fire/Rock/Steel and Grass/Poison/Ground.
The only one that could be made by dual typing each starter would be Rock/Fighting/Flying, acording to Butterfree, but isn't Ice/Flying/Fighting a triangle? Wait, ice is probly normal effective against fighting even though fighting is super effective against ice. Anyway, it would be cool.
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Anything but unremarkable
I've read that many times. If you read further, it says that they don't work backwards, as in Fighting isn't Not-Very-Effective against Rock and so on.


Most likely leaving TCoD
Fighting is super effective against rock, but this is off topic. Rock may or may not be not-very-effective against fighting.


Anything but unremarkable
EH, I had it the wrong way around, then. Either way, the only triangle that works both ways is Grass/Fire/Water.


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i don't ask for much. i'd think it'd be great if it had these:

- a mini game or a game mode where you can actually interact with your pokemon like a pet - poop, hunger...all that crap. i don't know but.....solely training and number crunching and battling just seems too impersonal to me.

- BETTER animations. As in - like crystal-ish animation. I hate the tweening crap that they do. I mean, I know they're just doing that to save memory but really!

- video cut scenes! pixelly, video cut scenes! <3

- it'd be great if you could accessorise the trainer as well as the pokemons instead of having to choose from a preset of trainer types.....


New member
-Customize characters -Travel to Kanto,Johto,Hoenn,and Sinnoh -Choose starters from a list of different pokemon (with eevee in the list 'cause I would pick it) -Start as Ash's best friend and traveling with him and going through the most important events of the anime and movies -Meet different anime and movie characters -Actually talk -Tournament style Pokemon League -Cutcenes -Interaction with your Pokemon -Every Pokemon available without events -Starter can stay outside of ball
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let's see. one thing i would really like, is for the vs recorder to be able to upload videos somewhere else aside from the ds, like maybe for there to be a way to extract the file and be able to put it on youtube. i mean, if it can send you email, why not be able to send a video? i also don't like how you can record one of your videos, then have a whole bunch from other people. and something else that always bothered me in the attacks. for example say you charmeleon does flamethrower, the flame ends up coming from it's neck instead of it's mouth. =o=

cubone man

New member
I would like
-customizable trainers
-in-game trainers that actully move outside of a 15-block area. Say... a trainer moving from route a to route b but not all the way to route k.
-a third evolution for cubone.
-large sidequests
-a bacon cheese burger


回り続ける 歯車には成り下がらない
she, they
  • A few gyms can be challenged out of order (which also means you can choose which town to go to next at some point in the game). To me, Pokemon wouldn't really feel like Pokemon if it became completely open-world, but I'd still like some sort of choice.
  • Choices which affect the story, especially dialogue choices when talking to important NPCs
  • Character customisation! Lots and lots of character customisation!
  • The game teaches you strategies used in competitive Pokemon (most likely the VGC rules) from the very first gym. This sounds difficult to implement, but I feel the mainline Pokemon does a disservice to itself by not showing how complex battle strategies can really become.
  • Difficulty settings - easy, normal, and hard. This would affect the number of Pokemon in enemy teams, the quality of their movesets, enemy Pokemon EVs/IVs, and the battle AI's intelligence.
  • Legendary Pokemon you need to go on a quest to find, such as Mew in RSE, where it was part of the Faraway Island event. This would preferably be part of the game itself, but it could also be an event or DLC.