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What pokemon do you never want to evolve?

Scyther, mostly. I like it so much more than Scizor. D:

I do like Grovyle a lot more than Sceptile, but I live with evolving them anyway because I'm too stat-oriented in thinking and the only reason I could excuse not evolving Scyther was that Scizor doesn't actually have higher base stats.
It's a good thing that evolving Scyther is optional. I know that's true for all Pokemin, but you have to trade Scyther to evolve it.
Dragonair's my favorite Pokemon, so I usually leave any I have unevolved. Dragonite just looks too uninteresting and cartoony compared to the pretty little Dragonair. (Yes, I know they're all kinda "cartoons," I don't know how to describe it. I don't like Dragonite.) I rarely pay attention to stats and stuff, so it doesn't bother me that I'm missing out on a stronger Pokemon.
Scyther is all I can think of, really (y'know I was looking through this and until getting to this page I was all "Why you people no like the Scyther? D:"). Seriously, blades are always going to be way, way better than pincer claw things.
Appearance-wise? Aipom, combusken, cubone, dragonair, duskull, exeggcute, grovyle, lickitung, magneton, meowth, scyther, sneasel, and tangela.
@Alxprit: The "What [subject] do you [abstract feeling]?" threads are the kind of threads where you read only the first post and yours.

Opinions, dude, no discussion.

There's nothing wrong with discussing it.

Um, well. Most of the time I honestly don't care, especially since I seem to be one of the few people on earth that doesn't think that all D/P evolutions need to burn in hell. Well, except for Probopass and Licklicky, but they don't count because I think Nosepass and Lickitung also need to burn in hell. If I don't evolve something it's usually for Pokédex reasons, i.e. having a spare Vigoroth so I don't have to put up with evolving a new Slakoth every time I need one for the dex. I just don't have the same attachment to "aww, cute" everyone else seems to. You can always get another one anyway, so...?

Yanmega's pretty cool though.

And whole bunch of those mostly 1st gen pokémon with new evolutions at the bottom of the pokédex would be fine without them, especially as many of them are ugly. Porygon2 is actually even better than its evolution...
Pikachu shall never evolve if I have one. >D

Oh, and I've taken a recent liking to Drifloon. Blame Drifloon Rocks.

... and that's all I can think of.
Pikachu, especially on Yellow (well, you can't, unless you trade it off, which kinda defeats the point of playing Yellow version, I think.).

I like a ton of Pokemon more than thier evolutions because I love small, cute things, but I normally do because of the stat thing and also because I can't be bothered to hammer B every time they try and evolve (and I'm not wasting an item slot with an Everstone when I can have a Lucky Egg).
I tend to like middle evolutions best.
Dragonair and almost half of the Pokemon that got an evolution in Gen IV.
I love Typhlosion, but Quilava shall not evolve on any more games, since I has one Gold~
Totodile- I can't evolve that cutie-pie!
Bayleef- It just looks cuter.
Vulpix- Is your brain broken or somethin'? I would never evolve my sweet Mystic!!!
Sometimes Buizel- Don't know. Love 'em both~
In real life Eevee, Skitty, Vulpix [even through Ninetales is one of my fav Pokemon], Buneary and a whole heap of other cute fluffy little Pokemon. I always evolve them anyway because I'm obsessed with stats and the such even if you can beat stuff ingame with a Lv 100 Magicarp or something.
Personally, I could care less about the stats. Bayleef looks way cooler than Meganium and Scyther definitely beats Scizor. Also, Glameow looks a lot better than its evolution.
I had a shiny marill that I didn't want to evolve, because shiny azumarill looks odd. But it's gone now..v_v

Piplup. It's so much more awesomeshorts than its evolutions.

Porygon2. PorygonZ looks...o.O
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