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What will happen after Gen.7?

Vipera Magnifica

Aquatic Artiste
So you think the system will magically stop working just because they've run out of numbers?
Why does that sound almost familiar?

Oh yeah... Y2K

1. Luftballon

Eh? 256. One of those junk ones is an egg, I think, but that still leaves four more.
250+one we're pretending is a secret is a prettier number than 255, though.

I don't know quite as much about gen 2 data structure as I used to, though; all I really remember is that they were so wasteful, they used an entire byte for a two-state flag.


Eats Luftwaffles for Breakfast
Changing to four-digit numerations would be the next logical step, though I would most certainly not be surprised if they required scientific notation to keep track of the Pokemon by the end of a handful of years.


I love girly things :)
Guess what?....

Gen 8 is already happening now :P *troll face* See that new nut head pokemon on serebii's site for more details....

NOT A TROLL I'M SERIOUS HERE!!!!! really, why would i be trolling over a series that may never end...

though, honestly, i could be happy with pokemon still being around forever xD really^^


Meme consumer
Ever heard of the Pokemon reset theory or whatever? (I heard of it from some random yt channel) that is what I think is going to happen. Remakes of everything, and the release of Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee also supports this