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What's your favorite Pokemon and why?


local hellion
Pachirisu, cause it's hyper and adorable.

Krissa, you have to underline under my text. ^^

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I want the earth to spin in the opposite direction
Plusle totally owns every other Pokemon. None can even dream of achieving such cuteness as it.

...Ah, I think back to those fantastical days in my youth when every time one of my friends mentioned Plusle, I would squeal and hug them. Ah, good(?) times... I made up a whole region based on Plusle and Minun. No joke. The starters were elemental Plusles and Minuns (Pikisp, Miqua...) and the main legendaries were a Plusle and Minun that floated and had wizard hats. No joke. It was awesome.

1) It's cool looking.
2) I love using it as a status-inducer for catching Pokemon in Diamond.
3) It's cool looking.
4) It has nice attack stats
5) It's cool looking.

Did I mention that it's cool looking?


#1 bro

The Combee evolution line (meaning both Combee and Vespiquen). No idea why I like them so much, I just do.

Although, in my head, I still refer to Combee as Mitsuhoney. Just because the Japanese name rolls off the tongue like cotton candy or something, and Combee is the most awful pun/portmanteau ever invented. :|


... is raiding your fridge for pastry delights. =D
Hmmmm. Let's see... Espeon, Arcanine, Quilava, Eevee, Giratina, Floatzel, Mightyena, etc, etc, etc! Yep. I have too many favorites. Generally I like dog and weasel Pokemon. And some others like Giratina, who for some reason stand out. Ghost-Dragons for the win!


Staff member
Oh god. So many.

I think my all-time favourite is Lapras, but others include Seviper, Absol, Misdreavus, Dragonair, Haunter, Sneasel, Arcanine, Houndoom, Vaporeon, Banette, Dusknoir, Duskull, Murkrow, Larvitar line, Ponyta line, Slowking, Onix (but I don't think I've ever had one), Turtwig, Totodile line, Ekans line, Torkoal, Squirtle line, Suicune, Slugma line, Magikarp, Pidgey line and the Cyndaquil line.

Oh, and Bayleef.


The one and only.
Mmm, I love Latias the most because my girlfriend caught it for me, and I became convinced that they were somehow related.

Besides, it's a girl, dragon, psychic, AND legendary! Put it all together and you've got one heck of a creature.
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Connor O'Reilly

chrisdoyle the Red-Eyes Darkness Duelist
I like Mew! He rocks!! He can learn any move!!! I like Mew!

I also think Shiny Umbreon is pretty cool, it's blue with yellow eyes, which PhaRaoH thinks rocks, but I jus think it looks cool! Full stop!

Shiny Mew rocks too!

I can't think what else I like, I mostly like the Shinies, because they rock!

Both Mew and Shiny Mew rock all night baby!

Absol looks neat too, especially Shiny!

And Shiny Mew and Mew se-e-e-e-e-e-e-eriously rock!

Oh, wait did you want me to tell you my favourite Pokemon? Oops... I can't remember...


Oh! I like Glalies!
Glalie. Reasons:

1. They're adorable! Look at it!
2. They're ice type. It's an awesome type.
3. They're strong. My Glalie in Sapphire is killer!
4. The shiny type looks like a devil! And who doesn't like devils?
5. They're kewl.

I also like Cyndaquil, Tyranitar, and Ambipom.


< Is friggin' awesome.

Because he is also sort of a purple balloon filled with poisonous gas that was created in an evil laboratory with a mad scientist and then exploded and killed everyone in the lab except Weezing because Weezing is super awesome and has a skull and crossbones on his chest if that is his chest and he even has two heads I mean how awesome is that how many other Pokemon have two heads except Doduo he sucks dont think about Doduo because Weezing is even better than Doduo because if Doduo attacked Weezing Weezing would be like no way and Doduo would be like oh noez and then Doduo would explode out of the sheer awesomeness of Weezing because Weezing is purple while Doduo is brown or tannish color and if I don't know exactly what color a Pokemon is it automatically sucks so it is a good thing I no Weezing is purple so that means it is great and super special awesome plus it has gas coming out of its body and how many other Pokemon have gas coming out of its body except Koffing and Koffing is just a proto-Weezing which meens that Koffing is pretty cool it is just that Weezing is even better and Weezing is even on James's team for like Kanto, Johto, and the Orange Islands until James had to go and be stupid and release Weezing god James is such an idiot doesn't he know how awesome and spectacular and special and awesome Weezing is the answer is no because if he did no that then he would not have given Weezing away. And that is why I like Weezing.

Need I say more?


Feel cursed :[
Uhm, I guess right now it´s Mismagius, but otherwise I like all eeveelutions, Haunter and Flygon.


Sexy Sexy Samantha
Any fire or dark type, I suppose. I like fire types a lot, though there are so few of them. -_-
I like Houndoom, simply bcz it's both fire and dark. =3


New member
Absol and Quilava for reasons I do not quite know :V

Then there's Umbreon because awesome color scheme and it's a fox :D
it's cool looking, and fire type and it's a chicken >:o
plus it's really underloved compared to it's prevo and evo
may evolved hers, what a prat


Stangers are just friends you've never met~
Ambipom because:

It's a monkey
Purple was my favorite color when I was four
It has four hands
It's face is really demonic creepy