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Your Favourite Video Games


out of touch thursday
i have a habit of fixating really hard on one game at a time (my 18-hour stardew valley sessions are in the past. for now) and right now that is fire emblem three houses. i generally like fire emblem because it makes me feel cool (i am a smart tactician! look at me go! oh no i got someone killed oops. reset. look at me go!). love 2 feel cool.

other games that have gone through Fixation Phases relatively recently are starbound and acnh! i tend to really like games where you get to make your own space in the world but once i'm done doing that i tend to lose all interest for a really long time. one of my friends has recommended dwarf fortress to me because of that but it will have to wait until i lose interest in three houses

shoutout to crypt of the necrodancer for being very good for bite-sized tiny runs without taking up a lot of time or energy