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  • No, you crazy hungry man~ Trust me, I'm doing this for your own good. You don't want to explode, do you? If you ate her, that would happen~ Here. ;;Gives you some Dannirainbowsparkles;;

    ;;Arylettcomputer is not pleased;; D< ;;Arylettcomputer likes them OOLDS, remember?;;

    ...Now that I'm evolved, I'm a lot smarter! Your muffin trick doesn't fool me!

    Deary, deary, deary! How many times do I have to tell you? OLDS. Arylettjailbait likes 'em OLDS.

    Arrgh! ;;Queen Arylett is NOT pleased;; It is supposed to be punishment! D<
    No dear, you can't eat Danni! She's too awesome for that~ Her awesomenocity would probably overwhelm you~ But maybe if you're lucky, she'll give you some Dannirainbowsparkledust! And then you can eat that!

    ;;Arylettcomputer EATS confetti;;

    :3 ;;What? ArylettPokémon is evolving! Dododododododododo~ Evolution music~ Dodododadadadada! ArylettPokémon has evolved into Arylett!;; Yaaaay~ I evolved~

    ;;Skips back;; Okay... I think all of my Arylettsickness is gooone~ Wheee! Huzzah!

    D< No math! Her Highness hates math! ;;Sends Alexi to the dungeons;; DDD< (Because using tildes is fuuuuun~)
    Oh yes, that Dannirundle. X3 I knew she would give me a message so rich in vitamins~

    ;;Arylettcomputer grins stupidly and does another Arylettdance;;

    DDDD< ;;ARYLETTPOKÉMON used GET OFF OF ME! It's supereffective!;;

    ...If you'll excuse me, I think the Arylettsickness just returned. ;;Skips off again;;

    Oh no, I'm not like Queen Elizabeth! I'm FIVE TIMES BETTER. >DD Queen Arylett is a very good queen~ (Who tortures her people if they question her~)
    ;;Arylettcomputer feels better! Arylettcomputer smiles;;

    Did you say... muffins...? No... can't resist... magnetic pull of muffins! Must... NO! ;;Comes out of Pokéball;; Where are they?! Where are the muffins, man?!

    ;;Uses Alexicure. Is cured of Arylettsickness;; Yaaaay, I am better! ;;Now has a sudden craving for hugs. Hugs Alexi;; Got any Mountain Dew?

    I already told you they were speeecial~ Yes, the love and hatred peacefully co-exist! The only thing about Arylettcookies is that eating them might give you Arylettsickness. And trust me, you don't want that. If you get Arylettsickness, you might have a sudden urge to ramble on about how you're the Queen of Arylettopia. Also, it may cause vomiting.
    ;;Arylettcomputer does the Electric Sliiidddeee. But then falls. And trips. Arylettcomputer cries;;

    ...Nonono! There's no WAY you're getting me out of here, especially with that look on your face! ;;Scared Arylett with two ts;; O_o

    Oh geez. Excuse me for a moment... ;;Goes off, comes back;; Arylettsickness. D:

    :3 Arylettcookies are very speeecial! They're made with love. And doom. And hatred. And lothing. And rainbows!
    ;;Arylettcomputer says PLAY THAT FUNKAAAY MUSIC, BOOOY! Then Arylettdances. Then discos! Do the hustle, DODODODODODODO~;;

    ...I'm not liking that look on Poképhile Alexi's face. D: ;;Hides in Pokéball;; You caaan't get me here, muhehehe!

    ;;Comes back;; Yaaay, I feel better~ Now don't you let those aliens swallow you again! D<

    ...Ah yes. Not yet, my son, not yet. Arylett is a very picky lady~ You have to be a preeeety old geezer. Not everyone can live to that age. ;;Pats you on the back;; However, I will give you THIS! ;;Gives Alexi Arylettcookies!;; :3
    ;;Arylettcomputer says Yipeeedeee dooodaaa! Arylettcomputer does Arylettdance!;;

    Fweee. X3 Chubby Vulcan~ Hmm... ;;Starts contemplating Vulcan Arylett;; 8D Curly haired vuuuulcaaaan! I do less humanoid things though. Like um... Pidgeotto Arylett! Or Poochyena Arylett! Or... ;;Could go on for hours;;

    Oh, wow! That shower sure was conviently-placed! ;;Astonished;; If you'll excuse me now, I think Arylett needs to go hurl.

    Ya gotta be pretty ooooold to have Arylettjailbait, oh yes. Take Arylett's age and times it by 5~ And that's how old you have to be! (Trust me, pretty oooold.) That's why Sarek, oh Sarek, he's PLENTY OLDS. <3<3 ;;Loves those old geezers;;

    ....Hmm. I'm sorry dear, but Alexi is not qualified for Arylettjailbait! Because then it wouldn't be Arylettjailbait! It'd just be Arylett! And that wouldn't be any fun, would it? D:
    ;;Arylettcomputer is thrilled! Arylettcomputer gives Alexibot a BIIIIIIIGGGG GLOOOOMP;;

    Deary me, Alexi sure has been a lot of things! Oh but don't worry, so has Arylett~ Vulcan Alexi sounds cool~ X3

    Ick... you're all covered in disgestive juice... ;;Nearly vomits;;

    Saaaaaareeeek, yes. <3<3

    ...Why do you think they call it "Arylettjailbait", hmm? :3
    ...D: ;;Arylettcomputer is sorry;;

    X3 Alexi Neitzheeeean~ What other humanoid species did Alexi evolve to include, hmmm? :3

    D< Oy, you spit out Alexi right this INSTANT! ;;Gives alien ARYLETTDEATHSTARE;; DDDDD<

    Oh deary me, everyone wants some Arylettjailbait. It can't be jailbait if you're only one year older than me. X3 Noo deary, only the REALLY old guys can have some Arylettjailbait. Ain't that right, Sarek? Oooh. ;D Sexy old vulcan, isn't he?

    ...Higher than Picard? I doubt that! Picard is <3<3<3~
    DDD< ;;Smacks Alexibot upside the head;; Does that compute now, hmm? ;;Arylettcomputer - 1. Alexibot - 0;; Ha. Ha. Ha. Ha. ;;Laughs in robotic manner;;

    XD Indeeed. Alexiyell scared the everloving gram crackers out of me! Aww, no blue skin for Alexi. D: Super-human! Like... Superman? ;;Gives you a random blue-skinned alien in compensation for lack of blue skin;;

    Miry? I don't think I saw that episode. X3 Oh geez, so Kirk IS a pedophile...? Well in that case... ooh Kirky baby, you can have Arylettjailbait any day of the week. ;D And Picard? EVERY day of the week. <3

    Archer... oh yeah! I saw a few episodes of Enterprise~ Hmm... ;;Does not know enough about him to determine his sexiness yet;;
    D< ;;Arylettcomputer is not pleased;;

    OKAY, OKAY! ;;Is startled by your sudden yelling;; I. WILL. GO. SEE. IF. I. CAN. RENT. IT. OR. SOMETHING. (The premise sounds cool enough~ Also, are Neitzcheans blue-skinned as well? X3)

    Yes, yes you do. ;;Amused;; XD

    Kirk is a whore. Whorety whoreness~ I wouldn't hook up with him though, because then he'd be a pedophile. XDXD Oooh Kirky darling, the only chicks you don't hit on is little girls like Arylett. :3 (I'd totally hook up with Picard though. He is sexyawesomenocity. <3<3)
    ...?! How, how...? ;;The mind is boggled;; How do TRIANGLES make the world go ROUND? Oh. My. God. ;;Arylettcomputer cannot process! Abort! Abort!;; ...You have just blown the Arylettcomputer away.

    I think I've heard of it, but I've never seen it. What's it about? Oh you, you have a thing for blue-skinned aliens, don't you? X3

    Maybe you did see it, I just suck at explaining things. XD ;;Goes on in a ramblyfashion;; It was cool though. But as expected, ol' Kirk did some alien chicks. AGAIN. X3 Oh dear, if I had a nickle for all the times I've seen him hook up with alien chicks... and I haven't even seen the entire series!
    <3 Oh yes~ I mean, all the drama! Oh, I loves me some dramathings~ I mean, it's REALLY dramatic! Like, there's a dude. And he's in love with his Pokémon, but then he likes a girl too! Oh, major love triangle! X3 And then this girl, she's all screwed up, so if he dumped her, oh she probably wouldn't react well. Dramathings are nice~

    Oooh, I think I've seen them before. They sound familiar. Hmm. I think they put on Star Trek (TOS) in the mornings, I should go watch it again, catch it again~ Blue skinned aliens definately do sound cool~ It makes me think of this one episode of the original series that I saw once, like with these lady chicks who looked young. But they were really old and were taking a pill or something that a guy was giving them. Oh dear, my mind is so disorganized. X3 How could blue skinned aliens remind me of that? Have you seen that one?
    Mourmedy and Alexi = Funfunfun. XD Oooh, poor Orena though~ (Is Alexi based on yourself~? I would be SO shocked if you told me yes. Seriously, Alexi's NOTHING like you.)

    Oh dear, I love that RP so much~ Ehehehehe.

    Also, I may be laaaate in saying this (bad Arylett! ;;Smacks;;), but what's an Andorian? I just recently got into Starry Trek, so I'm not too savy, you see. X3
    Well, I haven't seen all of them, but I'm planning on catching all of them. (I've only seen ToS and TNG and a few Enterprise episodes.) Currently, my favourite's TNG. Picard. <3
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