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Dave Strider
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  • Say, Psymon(who should digivolve into Goldamon), is there any chance you could keep reffing my battle with charmanpid, or is it completely impossible? =\
    Uh, Psymon, is there any chance you might respond?
    And feel free to ignore the previous message.

    Anyway, there's something I'd like to ask you-
    do you posses a DS, pokemon Platinum/Diamond/Pearl and a wi-fi connection?

    P.S. Do you live in america/around america and have already bought HG/SS?
    Hey Psymon, wassup?


    P.S. This is what I said before my 9 year old cat gave me a scratch on the face. Ow.
    She weights full 11 KG(that's 25 Pounds)....
    Yes, it would still get the health gain. This would ultimately mean that a pokemon can't lose more than 43% health every round if it's a dragon type/lizard like.

    And Lars was acctualy right about the energy and health part of his pokemon. After all, I have to be a good sport, as much as I'd like to get an edge.
    News, Psymon: I did my best to post the reffing within 24 hours after the last command, and I MADE IT!

    It was quite fun. Anyway, you attack first this round, and things don't look so good for you...
    By the way, Psymon, even though you can't reff my battle against Charmanpid, could you at least fix the error you did with the calculations?

    That is, Kenny and Lancelot should each get back 3% health from leftovers, and should also get an extra 2% health and energy thanks to the mountains energy.

    Apparently, you didn't forget to boost Charmander's stats.
    Here's my advice: Open a few tabs at once. If you can't since you have an old version of internet/firefox, open a few windows instead.
    Hmm. Do you have a random number generator, or should I give you a link?
    And figuring out damage and energy isn't that hard. you just have to train, like I train to write stuff on the computer really fast.
    Totodile :P My friend gets chikorita.

    I like Totodile for it's a aligator!

    And grass types are almost always awsome, which Chikorita an expection...kind of.
    Bayleef is nice though!
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