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  • Maybe you should've picked a better shirt!! Or myabe you should've just taken off the sweater anyway probably no one would've noticed the shirt. Also if there wasn't much choice of food you could've gotten no food! Or also weren't you at a mall??? What happened to pizza being a thing!

    It isn't being an unfriendly host! You spend lots of time entertaining them and not being around to make sure they're not bored every second isn't unfriendly! You have other things!!

    (They did! Holding my breath usually helps!)

    Eifie everything's better now and you're really happy about it, right!!! Did you get any sleep!
    ! Why didn't you take off the sweater! Also wouldn't it get all wet wouldn't a coat be better. And :( Why did you buy gross food!!!

    Sorry!!! I'd wandered off because I guess I couldn't sit still!! But I got to say hello to you anyway, right!! And you got to say hello to Alvyren!!! :o

    ! Does older cousin leaving give you anymore freedom! Also at least it's not that long even if everyone leaves on the tenth I guess. Especially since you get to talk to people a little bit after all!! You can make it!!!

    (I like your blog!! But I get bored of pictures! I like stories!)

    (! Chewing gum gets rid of hiccups??? I usually just hold my breath and that works! Then tend to come back later, though. >:( )
    ! Good! Eat a tiny bit more, too!!

    ! Was it a good adventure! :o Did you buy anything else! Also why did you throw it away! You could've saved it for later! Was it gross!

    Thank you! :3 I don't know if I'll be able to deal with the worry thing today!!! But soon!!

    Also Alvyren says ve'll be back in around an hour and a half!!!! That's exciting, right!!!! Yay, yay~!!

    Also! Have you figured out yet if they're leaving on the eighth or the tenth!

    (I don't know what to do on tumblr, though!! The cute reblogs aren't really incentive to come back and visit every day and I don't particularly want to just reblog things!)

    (also! I keep hiccuping help.)
    Eifie also look!! Nyuu wouldn't let me go to bed last night until this loaded it's cute, right!!
    Eifie what will you do if you starve!! People don't think it's weird if you eat you'll be okay eating around others!!

    Are you having fun watching Friends with older cousin at least! I've never seen it! :o

    I can't not worry about things!! But yes! :3 And now in even fewer hours than that!! Also ve called me a while ago!!! :3 And was totally adorable. *squee~!*

    Also eeee adorable Vulpixes :3 :3 :3 I've only seen one of those!! And the colours one is neat!! I guess I should start tumbling more often :o
    Maybe they're impressively obnoxious and also you're in a bad mood. :c Also you should eat! Can't you take something up to your room, or hide in a corner of the kitchen with a sandwich or something?

    I'm fine! Right now I'm just sitting here worrying about things, but I've gotten to talk with Adriane a lot more the past couple of days and ve'll be home soon and I'm happy about that!

    (you're welcome anyway! :o )

    (Also I tried to finish sending this last night but the Internet was like no way and then deleted it and then vanished so I couldn't rewrite it but now it's rewritten!)

    (also if I scroll up right the text goes over the grey box that's weird.)
    !! Eifie that is great! :o

    If someone walks in tell them you're. ... doing something important. So important you can't tell them what it is :o

    Are your cousins being nice! Are you having fun with them! :o

    (also I delivered your message!)
    Yeah. (I did say that I was only starting the beginning in the club...)

    #temsik said that she dies many more times.
    :o, found out the way Ghost Trick is animated :o

    Guess it's rendered in 3D, then converted to 2D!

    /random Ghost Trick blathering
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