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  • ...It's a start though! Soon enough you shall speak to ANYONE AND EVERYONE.

    I've been doing decently. Life sucks BUT I try to look on the bright side...sometimes. HOW ARE YOU~?
    I'll probably go on when I'm extremely bored and have time. :D (Actually I didn't really believe it either but I guess during my time off things changed :o)

    (good job, well done)

    (Oh, you have? XD I really want this to go away, but be selectable in the styleswitcher. And the Joltik style.)
    I didn't mean to have it start in day phase; the mafia forced me to make it day.

    (And Kratos Aurion told me and I edited it, so it's okay. Thanks for trying, though ;) )
    Yeah, I forgot to add that in from the start :P

    Thank you~ Now we only need two more people. Yay! 8D
    Ahh. Okay.

    Yay xD Okay. A janitor is a pro-mafia player that cleans up the mafia's kill; anyone who got killed via the mafia's night actions will be known dead, but no one will know if the person was innocent or mafia.
    Wait, you like Mafia but don't play it? o.O What does that mean? (And I just got into Mafia, and if you could join my game that would be very nice. BUT YOU DON'T HAVE TO BY ANY MEANS!)
    I kinda sorta landed wrong while running parkour. :c But that's quite alright. Just a big bruise. :3
    I asked some people on my intro thread about that. They said that whoever joined at 9 either left or is 12 now. So yup, I'm the youngest and proud.
    Hi! I'm saying hi to everyone now that it's not busy. Mewtini, future webmaster and ASB trainer, and currently a spriter(I have a thread) I have to get a mod to approve my sig. Well, just came to say hi!
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