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  • Yeah, I've been working towards that... also trying to relax by improving my somewhat limited art skills and trying to pick up a couple instruments. Music helps me relax, I guess.


    Well, I have to go to bed. 'night. Nice to talk to you!
    Shipping is fun afterward! I've began to like Dirk, but otherwise I think I'll need some time to really know them, so yeah. The parallels are pretty amusing, heh.

    Hm? It's just the arc numbers, 413 and 612, in date form. (Also, 1025.)

    (Actually, no. :c)

    Also, while I really could have just told you why my birthday is every day, you should never squander an opportunity to stalk someone!
    I just got off of spring break. ;( It's sad going back to school after so long. I would, but again, with the limited time I've had recently, I'm afraid I won't be that reliable.

    (I'll talk to them about it, I don't think they'll say no if I explain what it is.)
    I might... I've just been short on time. Well, school. and stuff. it's actually been a bit boring. I want to get back into reffing.

    (I don't know... I'll look at it. My parents don't like me downloading things and I don't think we have it.)
    Ooh, what kind? also aren't you a tad underage? *eyes with suspicion*
    Yes! picking up a battle so that you have an excuse to ignore it while drowning that sorrow in sweet, sweet alcohol!

    (flute! and piano but not in jazz band so no chance to play it in ensemble)
    Hmm? oh, it's because then I'd have to give her free coupons to an imaginary tavern in ASB where referees can forget all about their reffings while they toss back a beer (or fermented berry juice!)

    ((btw, I play an insturment! :D))
    Trumpet yes. Been playing for seven years and am currently in three band classes (jazz, wind ensemble, symphonic band) plus ap music theory (and marching band but that season's well over). W'bout you?

    (my boyfriend's a sax player haha. it is the sexiest instrument imo)
    I know, right? I've barely been able to get on for a while. I miss talking to my friends on here, 'specially you. :(

    (Nope. I can text and I have a facebook, that's about it. )
    Personally, one of the things about the new characters I disliked is that they seemed to get the shipping started before the plot. But either way, at least I can go through the intermission before going back to the new kids.

    I should probably hurry up, though; 4/13 is coming!
    Stalk bulbasaur if you want to know why my birthday is now every day!
    ... And I'm not, haha. xD; Now that you mention it, I'm going to watch Jane: Enter. Good thing I'm already used to archive binging!

    Does it get better from the beginning of the act? I haven't been able to work up the love for the new kids that I have for the old ones.
    Hey, sorry I never really responded at the other site, I hardly go there. Like. Ever.

    The place just, is very clique-y.
    Ah. Understandable, considering how cheap they are. Do you remember Negrek's arena, the Battle Subway, which she was going to use for the second round of the tournament except didn't? Accurate representation.
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