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  • Try dA there's a lot of good pictures on there o: I couldn't find a Momiji picture that fit though :c
    I'm watching it on netflix o: oh Momiji <3

    it's okayyyy. I won't stab you in the knee promise
    Awhh o: The other one is actually one I just joined a few days ago. I just never post here,I havent in almost a year I think? xD Cause I havent posted anywhere but my intro thread ._. But I get on to say Hi to a few people and then disappear again. xD I'm way more active on the other one. For now anyway. XD

    Lucky! Ill still have algebra to do all summer. -.- Not cause I failed or anything, my mom can just be evil sometimes. And homeschooling does NOT win over public school sometimes..>.> xD
    ... But still. Wow. I guess I've just been... less willing to archive binge lately? After A Song Of Ice And Fire, I haven't really come across anything interesting enough to justify that much effort. Homestuck's great, but reading the whole thing again?

    Also, Meenah is FISH HITLER. Even better. I'm getting a bit confused, though; are the pre-pre-Scratch (it's only saying pre-Scratch in the wiki wow I'm probably really confusing myself I need to just... well not re-read all of Homestuck but) trolls, AKA Meenah/Aranea, not interested in the actual trolls...? Because they were troll kids, right, not ancestors, so wouldn't their counterparts actually be Feferi and Vriska?
    I understand completely! I wouldn't want to start piano in your position either.

    It's stopped here, at least. Whatever direction it's moving, it ought to be gone by tomorrow morning, I should think...
    Well, my mom (a musician) says that piano is basically an entirely different side of music, and that it teaches you things that a melodic instrument cannot, mainly harmonies and bass clefs. I will attribute to it that it is good at helping you multitask, so in all fairness piano really isn't without its benefits...

    Who knows? It's raining over here too...it's been raining a ton lately. On Wednesday it rained in sheets, the same direction and the same volume, for like five hours straight. Kinda ridiculous.
    ah-mazin :3 Never on here T_T Mainly on another forum buh I miss talking to youuu D:
    how are you :3?
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