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  • If you ask me, just get lessons on your band instrument instead. At your age there's really not much point learning piano entirely. If you've done saxophone, it's probably more productive in the long run to better that rather than piano. There are way too many pianists.

    Ooh, band trips! Love them. My marching band's going to Carowinds in Charlotte, NC again in late July, we're going to enjoy the amusement park and then, since there's a DCI performance that night, we're going to see that too. Last year it was rained out, unfortunately...
    I've been great! Well, except for piano lessons. Still hate those.

    Learnt to drive recently. I should be getting my permit in a few days. What've you been up to?
    Well, you're not really obligated to come here. You don't need to feel guilty. :( Although that's easier said than done...

    Really? Impressive. I archive binged Homestuck... about a year ago, or so? Wow. I can't imagine how difficult it would be now.

    Do you like Aranea and Meenah? Personally, Meenah's been a favorite of mine since her first panel, but Aranea feels a lot like Kanaya--not enough actual personality.
    I'm beginning to get excited, too.

    Ohhh. I kind of want to time my stalking now.
    Well, Dirk is Bro in this weird way, right? And his similarities and differences with Dave are interesting.
    Relatedly, I've caught up just in time. :D I can't wait for tomorrow!

    Thirty minutes? I can't gauge the time I spend stalking, but yeah. That would probably get tedious.
    Well, Unfaltering started back in late July, emerged in its current form in August/September, and was worked on irregularly from then on until February.

    Warmth was something I started as a one-shot on Christmas, then expanded on whenever I was bored (I should probably go back and finish it but I don't feel like it). The last addition was made in early February.

    Technicolor is what I'm working on right now- it's been in my head since October or so, but I only started actually writing it a few days ago.
    your avatar placed right beside your VM is epic

    hey would you have someone barge into your house, eat, then leave?
    (yes but you wouldn't have fellow referees to sympathize and make a pity party with!)

    (Go for it!)

    Cloudy! :3 (d'you know what happened to him?)
    since sixth grade/age of ten now I'm a senior/17 xp when I first joined TCoD I'd only been playing trumpet for a couple months! xD
    also music theory is awesome and yes.

    i will xp
    *ahem* let me just call Negrek for a sec...
    (it's not going to happen, jsyk. and yes, your paycheck will be dearly affected as the battlers visibly age while you gulp down bottles of possibly fermented berry juice)

    (You should, although it might be a bit slow when you start. Once you get past a certain point, piano is amazing! as I said to Blazhy, "you can play 10 or even 12 [notes] on a piano with ~beautiful rolling harmonies, countermelodies, entire chords spanning seven octaves~")

    Oh and what'd you mean "seemingly cool"? >|
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