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  • Heh, we've all been there. In my first match, I ordered my then-Slakoth to use Giga Impact, which it didn't know. They didn't let me edit that (I was issuing commands first and all).
    Try to avoid doing that in the future, particularly if you happen to be commanding before any opponents (which wasn't the case this time), but it can slide for now.
    Thanks. I think it's user title? I don't really know either. It's from Nightmare by Avenged Sevenfold (sorry if you already knew that I thought you just liked the words).
    It's nice of you to offer that, thank you!

    But I'm not sure about another one on this forum - I already released the role list, after all, and the balancing I feel like I'd have to do isn't so much that it would be changing everything.

    Maybe it isn't that big a deal if the roles are released in advance.
    What a coincidence. Our winter concert is tomorrow.

    I do play clarinet, but not that seriously any more. Piano is my main instrument, and I'm starting to just drift away from both of them in preparation for college.
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