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  • I posted the link to that on my tumblr so my friends can all reblog it since some of them have a fair few followers.

    as for wikipedia agh maybe when i'm less tired and lazy i'll post a thing. Do you know if there's any precedent for non-binary pronouns.

    !!!! omg yay. i'm not running for office but i didn't realize it was so easy to meet congresspeople huh.
    Kiru I just found this old post of yours in the pronoun field announcement thing.

    "I'm fine with he, she, or they. Weird pronouns (vis? eir? xie?) are fine, just strange to see because they're not used frequently enough!"

    whoa whoa what when did this change o.e i am so used to thinking of you as someone who hates hates binary pronouns that this is reeeeeally strange to see.
    Oh wow, thank you! And they have been, which is always great!

    Hope things have been great your way as well! :D!


    bramble/squirrel: I hope at least he confided in her!! Maybe he thought it didn't matter but it'd have been nice to know he trusts her enough to tell her about that. It would make sense later on too.

    ashfur: "He's loyal" apparently. Idk that's a weird thing.

    crowfeather: A pov book would have been kind of infuriating...

    med cats: Don't forget Feathertail told Leafpool to tell Crowfeather a thing, whether it's a Moonpool dream or not (I forget)! If StarClan says it's okay it's probably okay.

    Med cats: Actually Spottedleaf was a warrior apprentice before a medicine cat apprentice! But that was only because the medicine cat at the time *had* an apprentice (even though he had his name), you can't have a medicine cat with an apprentice with an apprentice. She switched over pretty quickly after the old medicine cat died. But yeah Cinderpelt was on the road to be a warrior but then her destiny got changed...

    Firestar and Sandstorm: The fate of their relationship is kind of elaborated on in the final book!!! I can't say any more, it'd be spoily. I don't know about Graystripe though! I think Silverstream's okay with Millie but what does Graystripe want? Maybe he ignores both of them and goes to hang out with some other cat. I don't know.

    Polyamory: That's probably a thing and maybe the StarClan cats understand that it's bound to happen, I don't know...

    Darkstripe: He never redeemed himself really! He tried to kill a kit and was willing to let his Clan get destroyed except for Bramblepaw and Tawnypaw (even Goldenflower would have died!) and then fought against the Clans instead of for them, he doesn't have much going for him unfortunately. Dustpelt and Longtail redeemed themselves in the end!

    Graystripe being dead: People brought up temporary deputy because Hawkfrost was temp deputy when Mistyfoot had wandered off! Except nobody knew if Mistyfoot was alive or not, if she was alive why would she have abandoned her Clan??? Graystripe, everyone saw him got caught so he's not dead. If he died later nobody would know but it didn't seem like the Twolegs wanted to kill the cats, they were feeding them after all!! So Graystripe was more likely alive than dead whereas Mistyfoot, most cats thought she was dead. So it's a bit different even if some cats do think Graystripe is dead.

    Graystripe as leader: Whitestorm thought Graystripe would make a good deputy (and by extension leader) that should say something. Also there never seems to be a consensus as to what a "good" leader is, Tigerstar was a really good leader for ShadowClan for what it's worth! I think as long as their kits get trained, they respect borders, their Clan gets fed, they're not a bad leader. Whether they choose to fight a lot or not has no bearing on whether they're a good leader I don't think! Unless they fight when every cat is starving or injured, then that's bad. But Graystripe wouldn't do that either he's loyal and he cares.

    SkyClan: There was lots of time between FQ and Midnight, maybe Firestar said "nobody ask me, the quest went well but you're not to know what happened okay if you ask i'll be Angry." I don't know though it is kind of strange especially since living cats learn that there were once five Clans later on, even though in FQ everyone wants to keep it a massive secret??? Idk it's odd.

    Manga: There are four trilogies, Graystripe's saga, Ravenpaw's Path, Tigerstar & Sasha and SkyClan & the Stranger. Graystripe's saga takes place between Dawn and The Sight, ending with The Sight; I usually read it between Sunset and The Sight. Ravenpaw's Path takes place between Firestar's Quest and Midnight. Tigerstar & Sasha kind of overlaps A Dangerous Path and goes as far as the time between The Darkest Hour and Firestar's Quest so I read it in that gap. SkyClan and the Stranger takes place shortly after SkyClan's Destiny, which in turn is set six moons after Firestar and Sandstorm leave SkyClan. There's also The Rise of Scourge, which details Scourge's rise to power, beginning with him as a kit and ending with his killing Tigerstar in The Darkest Hour. The beginning of it is set in the same time period as later chapters in Bluestar's Prophecy, so I usually read it between BP and Into the Wild. The manga aren't great but they are nice for background stories! I don't really like them but hey, they provide backstory. (Although I did cry at the third Tiger/Sasha book!!) The Rise of Scourge is probably the best art-wise, but it's not a whole lot better than the others story-wise.

    Spoilers: It's inconsistent whether they spoiler at the beginning or not! Like some allegiances don't list a cat as a warrior when they become a warrior in the first chapter but then some mention warrior names when the cat becomes a warrior halfway through the book, why.

    bold/italics: haha i've noticed the difference between them in writing things myself!! typed english is so fascinating...

    brambleclaw: Hopefully he can trust Squirrelflight to tell her the truth!! But it's not really mentioned again as far as I know. But hey he technically was hunting! Sorta.

    ashfur: uh I didn't think anything weird of that exchange so idk really how it would have been weird! unless you mean like ashfur implying that brambleclaw would betray firestar is showing that he's a Bad Guy but no one thinks so?

    crowfeather: ... holy shit he /is/ an ass. respect points for him depleted

    jay/holly: er there isn't much i can say without spoiling. even though you'll get there soon anyway...

    med-cats and starclan: i always thought it was like a medicine cat's moonpool dreams you can't tell?? but there's lots of instances where a med cat has a non-moonpool dream that they talk about openly.

    cinderpelt: i think it wasn't really made clear that her destiny WASN'T to be a warrior! Like that she liked being a medicine cat in the end but there was always some part of her that wanted desperately to be a warrior, to have a mate and kits (since she was crushing on Firestar this was important!) and she put up with her destiny so well starclan decided they'd go for it. But who says she's the first cat to be reincarnated, though.

    gorsetail: I think gorsetail and gorsepaw are separate cats. Also don't forget lots of time passed before FQ/TNP maybe firestar doesn't think of it as much as graystripe and also graystripe thought he was responsible for whiteclaw's death and he was much younger than firestar was when gorsepaw died too.

    temporary deputies: Because they know the same answer is going to come whatever they say and plus they know that Graystripe's not dead? I mean asking firestar about that again would be a rage button, it could be just to not make him mad.
    Also don't forget Graystripe effectively led the clan when firestar was away in FQ. And uh everyone decided graystripe was best for deputy soooOOO idk.

    Not telling it's a secret. You have to read all the books.
    Emphasis sans italics is an interesting concept I should think about that more often. I can see the similarities between your two sentences even though they're differently constructed! It's awesome.

    Bramblecat's meanness is temporary don't worry.

    Hmm aging/development is present I didn't really think of it before but it is, isn't it.

    She doesn't but too bad she loves him and her life gets fucked over because of it.
    I didn't know about it at all! :o Thanks, I'm glad I do now!! I went through a pages and liked a bunch of friendly manatees.

    this is my favourite it looks really earnest and cute.
    I had that deck I think I remember not being too fond of it. And yes I had tons of that Poochyena too.

    Aw but Gulpin's so precious it has a o3o face.

    haha some people like their poochyena!
    Ashfur kind of turns into evil person thing later it's interesting.

    She emphatically did not want Thistleclaw to be deputy. It was so desperate she had to give away her kits.

    You kind of do but it's still a bit leap-ish!

    Yeah uh no they're not.
    The super editions are just expansions mostly, knowing about them isn't required to understand all the things in the main series but it's also kinda nice just knowing character growth and shit. A few characters' backstories are elaborated on in them but again it's not necessary.

    Reasons. They are not good at chronology.

    FernxDust isn't as bad as BrackenxSorrel later on. But uh they /are/ cats!!

    No Leopardstar didn't have kits and neither did Mousefur!!

    No medicine cat can have kits because it's distracting. As for leaders I think it's generally discouraged for she-cats because they have to nurse the kits (unless they are planning to give them up) but guys it's fine.

    Midnight is rather slow yes. But Squirrelpaw makes up for it.

    No we don't see Leafpool's past a lot but it is nice seeing from her perspective all the meddy cat stuff.

    It's a little better if you actually read FQ but FQ doesn't. Spend a lot of time with the Clans. And there's many inconsistencies too.

    as for firestar and bluestar well it isn't nice to be mean to people that saved you but um the other clans don't owe them anything no.

    Um well like four or something idk it's hard to tell.
    Yeah I didn't even think but Cloudkit's near-death experience showed the potency of the berries to set it up for when Yellowfang killed Brokentail.

    It depends on whether you want to read the books chronologically or in the order in which they were actually released. FQ takes place chronologically between The Darkest Hour and Midnight (although there's some weird inconsistent shit going on there that I'mma have to address) but it was released after The Sight.

    As for character shit well there's a weird thing with the allegiances of Yellowfang's Secret. Bluestar's Prophecy opens shortly after Bluestar is born and stuff throughout the book indicates that Crookedstar and Oakheart (brothers :o) are a few moons older than Bluestar and her sister Snowfur. Sometime while she's Bluepaw, when she's at a Gathering there is an announcement that Yellowfang is now a medicine cat apprentice. (Other books indicate that Yellowfang was a warrior for several moons before becoming a medicine cat.) That's all fine and good. Yellowfang's Secret opens when Yellowfang is about two moons old. That's all fine and good too. The allegiances of YS, however, imply that YS opens after Bluestar's Prophecy opens; two cats are apprentices in ThunderClan that aren't apprentices until a little ways into BP. which is just backwards. Also, Yellowfang is at a Gathering as Yellowpaw and some cat points out Oakheart. Despite that Oakheart is just a little older than Bluestar and Bluestar is likely not born yet.
    Also, Boulder, who is stated many times to be a former BloodClan member (and this former allegiance is plot-relevant in TDH), joins ShadowClan rather early in the book, likely before BloodClan had a chance to be formed (the origins of BloodClan are detailed in the 'manga' book The Rise of Scourge; Scourge creates BloodClan shortly following an encounter with Thistleclaw, Bluefur and Tigerpaw, and Tigerpaw is not born until shortly before Pinestar stops being leader, and Pinestar is still leader when Boulder joins the Clan).
    There's a lot more problems at the end of the book but I'm only about halfway through.
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