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  • No :(

    I don't have a website so I've never really tried. Although, I did try making a website when I was younger. At some point I lost all motivation to do anything though so I stopped.
    Advice: don't give up on whatever's driving you do make your website and program and all the other stuff you do, or you'll become self-loathing like me and end up depressing people who are being friendly to you over visitor messaging on a Pokémon forum.
    Don't check the wiki, TV Tropes, Homestuck forums, fan comics, until you're finished with everything. Check nothing. Zip. Nada. Zero.
    No but I'm going to see it! It comes out in 43 days, I am going to see the midnight premier XD I can't wait!!!! :D

    And yay! Thank you!!

    I didn't like Olaf much to be honest XD But I did like Elsa and Anna a lot. I like how they made both of them very real, not as perfect as the other princesses. People can relate to them more.

    And ugh. 95 pounds :( I really hate it. I feel huge all the time and my pants are getting tighter and I don't like it :( When my eating disorder started, I was 97 pounds and it scares me to be so close to that weight :(

    And good job having such a high grade in English!! You are really smart, I'm sure you have really good grades :) Of it makes you feel any better I have a C in microbiology :(
    Really? It's fairly common. It's a very good book though you should read it :)

    And that sounds really interesting! I would like to read it sometime!! :)

    And Frozen was eh. I don't understand why it is so super super popular right now XD It was a cute movie though :)

    And school is eh. I've been missing a lot of it lately, I've been having a lot of heart issues and whatnot. Which is totally stupid because I am at the highest weight I've been in years :/ so my grades aren't as good as I want them to be. Oh well. What about you? :)
    Not really. Wait! I read Will Grayson, Will Grayson recently!! It is sooooo good, it is by my two favorite authors John Green and David Leviathan.

    And ooh what are you writing? And I saw Frozen with my friend last week and it was good, but both worth all the hype. It's as good as Tangled I think.
    I can't get on pesterchum atm (using my grandpa's computer), so I'm talking to you over this.

    You know the wish I've been asking for? I've also been praying for it since about last week (don't know if I told you). Anyways, today my grandpa picked me up, and we always get into some philosophical theme even though the drive to his house is ~10 minutes. We started talking about how God and the Holy Spirit give you what you want if it's what you need.


    today I noticed some strange things ie talking with my excrush. It wasn't much, but it was something.
    That sucks. That really sucks.

    It is! My parents almost held me back a year.

    Something in the high 3s? I totally forget. It's way better than mine now though hahaha
    So you have any long-term goals when it comes to programming or are you just doing it for the fun of it?
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