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  • 1) So it's not Tazman which is literally the only mon you've ever developed, starters excepted

    You're lucky, dammit.

    2) Amaura's cool, too. It's adorable.
    1) Stuff like what?

    No, I didn't. I takes a lot of work, plus the propaganda, and having to talk in front of everyone. Even then, I'd lose. :P

    2) Go on, then. Are you missing any Fossils?
    Well I just hope my teacher is amused enough that she doesn't get mad that I didn't know the math.

    And it's a little complicated to explain, I guess. A long time ago, when my friend and I were very young (so, 12), we came up with a story about us and our friends getting superpowers after visiting a strange and faraway planet. My guy just got bionic arms, but he insisted his character have the power to manipulate reality. So basically, do anything. Like, literally anything. Now that we're 17, he got reinterested in the idea, but we both agreed his power was ridiculous. I then had an idea, of how he could sort of control reality without really controlling it. I decided that he could have a Map of the Universe inside his head. But it was more than just a map, because anything that happened in the universe he could see on his map. So if he were to pull off something like, say, bending the map to close the distance between two places, he could "teleport" basically, but with only a single step. He absolutely loved the idea. He ran the universe inside his head, but put most simply it's a map. He can do more with it as well, but I'd have to go into much longer explanation and the rest of it may or may not be a good idea anyway. Oh so my story was like a mini prequel, or some sort of prologue, or character backstory, I don't know, to his character. Explaining his ability quickly. As like, a five year old XD
    1) That looks interesting. Wouldn't you need your whole region all planned out first?

    Anyways, today it was a half day and casual (you paid $1, the money would go to the student council, and it would be divided between the four grades). Yesterday were the elections for student council, too.

    2) Awesome. I take it you don't have a Spritzee, either? Then I can ask a friend of mine for a couple.
    I had the worst teacher for Algebra II. I have her now, for Pre-Calculus. Today I actually had a quiz, and I knew literally nothing. Like, I didn't even know how to start a problem. So instead, I wrote a short story about how two gnome brothers, Gnurlath and Iffelkur, who rallied their dying brethren, banded together and saved all of gnomekind. The gnomes became so populated that they could affort to be spread out, and in honor of the two brothers the period in their history was called the Great Bignomial Expansion. Because the question asked for something to do with Binomial Expansion, but I wasn't sure what to do with it, so...I did that, instead. I figured it was better than leaving the page blank :P

    And oh, really? What kinds of things had your thoughts of it produced? What did you come up with?
    i don't know man. i don't know

    i mean there was that time i called him my favorite understudy and he apologized for not being someone else, which doesn't mean much unless you figure out that i liked the other guy a little and it was apparently a little obvious

    so idk

    you might be!
    i mean like someone would say something rude (jokingly) or fake-hit me or something (again, jokingly) and if he was around he'd be all "yo stop"

    so there's that

    yay about pseudo girlfriend! sorry about time zones though

    re: crush: i don't even fucking know man. i mean he's terribly friendly and still kinda defensive but ?????
    Nope, just being in high school kinda does that :P Just tired, all the time.

    And oh that's interesting, good luck with that! I couldn't write poetry to save my life. Nor could I appreciate it properly, for that matter.
    hi! the sky. the sky is up.

    no but seriously life is shockingly normal. i mean idk what i expected but. normal.
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