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  • Well you're homeschooled. All your days are half days

    Would you be interested in some fossil mons? I have like 4 Claw Fossils.
    So you saw it?

    I dunno why you didn't take advantage of that earlier. You USians (Americans is wrong; everyone who lives on America the continent is American) have so many opportunities. You have towns! What we have don't exactly qualify as towns or cities (I think they're municipalities, municipios in Spanish). Pretty much all I know about your culture is TV and a couple of visits to the US (Disney doesn't count).
    do it

    I'm just kinda worried about the parents of the kids that discover their sexuality through that
    plus preschoolers watching that

    I'm more worried about the parents, honestly.
    go do community theater or something

    I don't think a barely-legal girl suggestively dancing in front of grade-school children in a Catholic school will make much, uh, good publicity. It's more about the 'moral ramifications' *coughcoughpublicitycoughcough*
    Well, each character is going to have our names instead of the original names, our ages (more or less. there could be some variation depending on the character), and our birthplace. Furthermore, some monologues have been changed (like mine), and one of the songs was cut. Can't exactly have an 18-year-old signing Tits and Ass, can we?
    W-what? Why?

    Nothing much. Just reading the script. Although there have been some funny moments; the director in the play, Zach, is gonna be played by our director, Ismanuel, and his lines are dripping with cutting sarcasm.

    I dunno if I told you about A Chorus Line, but we started reading the script last week. Yesterday we had another script rehearsal (which is just reading the script), and today we have another.
    Not the first part, the other one. We're reading Romeo and Juliet now in English class, so I have the R&J bug back.
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