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  • To join ASB, go to ASB forum and look around until you find "Into to ASB: READ FIRST" and then look for the "Join ASB" link.
    Oh, it's easy, and works similar to what you saw over at Pokeboard. Just read the guide in the ASB forum.

    You can activate your account here.
    You don't sound like a noob...ok you do, but that's because you just joined! Umm, I'm not entirely sure, but scroll down to the very bottom of any page. There should be some links that say "Contact Us-The Cave of Dragonflies-Archive-ASB Control Panel-Top" Of course, ASB control panel wont be there, but something with ASB might be in its place.

    I am not sure, so if that's not the case, then dont be mad at me, X|
    Kyogre, you should really join ASB, I want to give someone a gift and barely any of my friends who play ASB are on anymore. :P
    Hey kyogre... so that's why you asked me to make that fusion (your avatar) :p

    Crossfire X~
    Hey Kyogre, I'll make a match as soon as you activate your ASB account, and buy your Pokemon and items. How does 2vs2 sound? If you can't afford items afterwards, I'll just disallow them.
    Its all kinds of naughty right? I've found that its ok to be overtly sexual, as long as its the other person that makes the connection.
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