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  • Eh, I guess. But Hunger Games is just a whole lot better, in my opinion. I just leave out the last two books when I reread, because, as good as certain parts were, they just don't hold my interest. Unlike the first one, which I constantly reread. But another probable link between Hunger Games and Battle Royal is the terrible movies of both. Even though Hunger Games hasn't had any movies yet, just look a the cast. (;_;)
    I liked parts of both of the latter books. Whilst I found it hard to get drawn into the rebel aspect, mainly because I found it hard to believe that Katniss was really that important, I liked twisted!Pita and the action in Boom Three. Book Two was just wholeheartedly something I did not enjoy in the slightest, though a few bits early on I did like, especially the new way things work now in District Twelve, but I hated when they went back into the Hunger Games.
    ((Sorry, posted this message originally on my own profile fail :( ))

    Yes, yes I am. I like to pretend that the later two books don't exist, because I really, really didn't think they compared to the original. On their own, their okay, but grouped together the difference in class was very apparent.

    I just googled "X GIFS" where "X" is the thing I wanted a GIF of, like "Death Note GIFS" or "Paramore GIFS" when you find one get the image URL and slap it between image tags, and you have a moving image!
    L is my favourite in Death Note. I loved the interaction between Light and L in the episodes before L's death, it seemed like an adrenaline-pumping game of chess.

    I have L as my avvie on Twitter (random Google pic).
    He is the eternally amazing Skulduggery Pleasant, a character in a book series named after him, written by Derek Landly, and it is really the best book I have ever read. I had a quote from it in my Signature a while back. It's motto is "Kicking evil very hard in the face".
    Thanks. Couldn't find a good Rise Against one, though, shame.

    I actually looked for a Death Note one, because that show is just fucking awesome, but alas, nothing good came from that line of inquiry either.
    Others have tried reffing NaNoWriMo years past, but apparently, nobody really took it seriously. Not as much as I'm taking it, at least, I guess.

    The problem with this is that even if you pump out, say, three reffing a day, it's unlikely to meet 1667 words. I guess I'll still be glad if I manage to hit 50% before November ends, though.
    I'm trying to win NaNoWriMo through reffings, which means reffing a hell lot. The $201 I just lifted is, like, a bit over half of what I'm earning out of this.

    I'm nonwhere near the goal wordcount, but at least I'm writing a fuckload, which is the point of NaNoWriMo, while also making a pile of cash that could only be rivaled by what I'd make when I was most active (which was, actually coincidentally, when ref pay was highest).
    And apparently, Everglider had cancelled the challenge before I'd taken it. This must be like the fourth time I pick up a battle that isn't supposed to happen, although this is a new reason.

    Have you got another battle awaiting a referee?
    Say, I'm pretty sure I did post the topic of your battle with Everglider, but I can't find it anywhere. Can you see anything?
    If I recall correctly, it means "under a sky of eternal grey". It's from a song.
    :D My profile pic is a female Ulquiorra; I've written a fanfic about her and Grimmjow.
    And the contest sounds awesome!! I need to sign up! Thanks for telling me about it. :)
    Amazingly, yes. I hung out in the Forum Games Section at EverGlider's request a few days ago.
    NaNoWriMo...? I don't believe I've heard of it.
    Oh yes, I noted L in your avvie and profile pic...Nice choice. :D
    Nice to meet you, too. :P
    And yeah, I spent mainly all day getting posts; I had nothing to do, anyway. (Long story why)
    You were right. It is only 1 per trainer at a time, so you're good with your original sendout.
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