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  • Nope! (Dante's from the video game Devil May Cry and Waka is a character from Okami)

    It's Black Cat!
    Well, that's the debate. There are little details that hint he's Light, like he knows Ryuk even though he shouldn't or he's wearing the same suit Light was.
    Hey, I consider Anime watchers legit fans! I just like reading better than watching, but I did love the whole "unnamed Shinigami" at the end who looked like Light.
    Can I say that you have one of the most awesome avatars here? Do you hand draw them or find them online?
    Hey can I just ask you to maybe tone down that flashing concert-y gif in your sig? I have mild epilepsy and it's agitating it a bit. Thanks! :3
    Sacred Stones is the easiest of the series, so, I'd definitely recommend it as a gateway, although it's a tad different from the rest in many aspects.

    That said, Blazing Sword (the first of the series to make it to Eagleland) is quite engaging plotwise, whereas Radiant Dawn can be more challenging. If you're by any chance wondering about Marth, you could try Shadow Dragon, but I personally find the other titles better (although Shadow Dragon has the best music).
    I'm not sure. I just found it a while ago whilst in a particularly odd mood, haha. I like it too.
    Hey, i noted that you talked about Oklahoma being the "buckle of the Bible Belt". Is that really so? I live in Lubbock, Texas, and have always considered this to be the center of the buckle of the Bible Belt.

    IIRC, we have the largest number of churches per capita in the nation (or that's said, at least). Outside of university, i know two atheists. I attend Texas Tech University; being an Oklahoman, i'm going to guess you've heard of it. We have like 32,000 students. I think the Secular Student Society (the largest secular/atheistic student organisation on camp) has like 30 members. Haha.

    What has your religious background been like, if you don't mind asking? You seem an interesting character.
    Well, $15 would work since I used up a lot of cash this Christmas, and a Pokémon of a type I don't have many of would work too because I'm planning on expanding the squad a bit anyways.
    I actually did a type countup on the teams of most people I gave gifts to this year.

    I would have gotten this one an AHBE move like all the other Pokémon I gave this year, but I don't think there's any move Tyrogue would be able to get that none of his evolutions get.
    Check the Gift Exchange tab in your ASB Control Panel, I left you something.
    You have a 48 hour disqualification warning in your battle with Metallica Fanboy against Omskivar and Lord of the Fireflies. Please issue your commands within that timeframe lest you stand the risk of disqualification.

    Good luck.
    Really? No I haven't, but I'll be sure to give it a look...Christ, that seriously looks impressive. I knew it was stupid to have an opinion based on a cast sheet I hadn't seen and the preconception that all book-to-movie things are worthless! I mean, I am seeing that now. 100%. Hopefully in a cinema.
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