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  • Ah.

    Harry Pothead is the guy who blasts Barney into the Digimon World in 'We All Hate Barney'.

    I probably could submit the Hetfield, since he's my best.

    I'm not a Harry Potter fan, so I don't know exactly what he looks like. Whiteish hair, right?
    Hitler? I may have to counter that. Maybe with Saddam Hussein or something.

    Appears we each do lead singers, then. I tried to make Ozzy once, but it was fail.

    I tried downloading it once, but my system started freezing up, and did whenever I tried again. Last time I tried was April, so maybe I could get it to work now.
    I was too lazy to check.

    I hope to do the same, because it's just such a nice thing to get in to. Though the show sucks now, at least the games are great, and since I got started on competitive battling in February, that gives me more interest in it. I'm hoping to have kids when I'm about twenty-four.

    Mommii? That's not exactly... funny. Middle-aged people. My best is "Hetfield", a Mii a made from Metallica's singer. It actually looks like him, surprisingly.
    Oooh. I would think she's awesome, not wrong in the head. D: Plus, Kali is what, 24? And The Jolt Master, owner of The Pokémon Tower is in his thirties, I think.

    The only games my mom is crazy about is ones on Facebook, like Zuma and Bejeweled. :D She made a Mii, but it sucked.
    Double messages!

    My parents don't know I still like Pokémon. xD The last they knew I liked it was when D/P came out. Apart from that, I have methods of getting stuff behind my parents' backs. xD At least I've got a couple friends who like Pokémon to back me up. :D

    ...that part was actually real, so writing what's gonna happen will be... interesting for me.
    Sorry it took me a while to respond...

    Yeah, we just go on hikes and stuff like that. Nothing super special. It's cool seeing some of the wildlife though, like those caterpillars that all live in that communal web thing...if you break it open, they spazz out. That's pretty funny stuff right there.
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