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  • Oh, cool! I'm actually a compsci major as well, though my double major is in psychology - the intent was to do AI-type stuff, but then I learned Psychology isn't really the best combination for that. Can I ask out of curiosity what you plan to do with your combination?
    very good to know that literally everyone on the internet is fucking impossible to track except me.

    you're right. i feel in my heart that next week is spring break, so maybe i should just… take it off…

    man. if i have my way, i will come to cali. but who knows if i will...
    Ahaha, yeah, midterms. I forget, where are you in the school system again? I know high schools tend to do every test in the same week or so, while my college doesn't do that except for finals.

    As for me, I'm surviving, at least. It's spring break, which is of course nice, and so I've been trying to relax this week. Still have yet to file taxes, though, and have some lingering homework I haven't done yet, so there's that. Also, quickly facing down the not-so-distant future of actually having to be an adult, which is scary.
    it's you!!!! It's really nice to be seeing you around again after all this time. Things going ok?
    i would ask for your reddit but i am ashamed of mine... it may or may not be full of tokyo ghoul rp...

    oh! that's so soon? idk why i thought spring break was some national coordinated effort, but yeah. it sucks that i have it over easter because it means my plane ticket is €xpen$iv£. and yeah i'm really not happy about having one day off but oh well, i'll probably just take tomorrow off to make up for it
    haha, yes! don't you love dopamine? we should go skateboards sometime!

    you have spring break at the end of the month too, right? this month is actually going to be Hawt Shite tbh, we get one (1) day off
    mewtini go to bed. (don't actually though i'm talking to you.)

    life is okay. i cut my job hours so it looks like maybe i'll actually have more time to enjoy life now. \o/ how about you?
    one of us! one of us! except the biology part, I guess. heh I've never been in a party and this is my sixth year at uni
    whoaaa do you go to like one of the UCs. what do you study?! are you a wild partier
    i don't want to leave you hanging here even though i answered you elsewhere so... hi!
    Yo mewtini, it's been a while. I noticed you still hang around here sometimes. How've you been doing?
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