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  • well, I guess I came back in the past week, out of curiosity, to check out what's going on around here... this place has held a lot of memories for me, and I'm not sure what'll happen to it in the future, but I'm here now. it's kind of sad to see how quiet it is, but I'm just happy it's still here.

    I'm a college student. wowowowowowow. and I feel like I am figuring out what I like and want to do. what sort of things do you do?
    i'm done with school!!! it physically pains me to even talk about school anymore i am so sorry holy shit. but yeah being like another (typically "superior") student is tricky. that's why i feel bad for my brother, honestly. he's a year below me, on the exact same course track, and just sliiiightly less academically inclined. so he's very very nearly at my level but not quite. which makes the majority of his teachers (my previous teachers) abhor him for whatever reason i guess.

    it's official now! i'm not graduating early. which sucks i guess. but cheaper college... i... guess?? here's hoping the value of the pound stays down so my uni will be less expensive olol

    hey man. shit works out at the end of the day. even if it takes a long time and you think it won't go well for you... it's all in your head. things'll play out the way they're meant to play out no matter what! but you're very clever and funny and a generally likeable person so i'm sure it'll all turn out in your favour. honest.

    uhhhh i don't have a problem with mohac. i have a million internet names so it's kind of a hard problem. most people call me either Sky, Dazel, or Q.

    he is amazing. but he has it out for me because i'm like the off-brand version of his favourite student so i guess my very existence bothers him. it's like... i get the same grades but i'm less of a teacher's pet and more of an... ass. but that's okay!! i have more fun being a student and not a mini-teacher.

    yeahh the trouble with graduating too early is that you're like fifteen and done with school and then you're kind of... stuck?? doing nothing. but i mean one year early would be nice and i'd also graduate with my girlfriend so like :(((( i wish my mom was less pointlessly controlling?

    wowowow that's confusing. people are confusing. what makes you think he likes her if he's been consistently rejecting her then?
    medium rare

    AP world was super legit but only because my teacher was kickass. it probably would've been shit without him. (quick anecdote: we were reviewing the opium wars, and he proceeded to discuss in detail how opium is taken for about a quarter of an hour, and the specific effects and sensations it imparts. after about half an hour total he wrapped up with "...at least, that's what i heard." also, he was talking about how acid is poured on people, and added at the end, "i've had my own experiences with acid. but not that kind." THIS IS A SIXTY-YEAR-OLD ARMY VETERAN. best teacher ever) but congratulations finishing your school year!!

    oh, man, that's sooner than i thought, then! that isn't too long to wait at all. you can do it! (i should be a senior next year, i'd only need to take one summer course, but my mum isn't letting me because she thinks i should have a proper four years rather than skipping my junior year so that i can load my senior year up with AP classes and save money. because yes, taking a handful of AP classes will save me SO MUCH MONEY, wayyyy more than having a job for a full year. i mean the school i'm looking at attending for uni requires AP classes but i can get them all next year jfc i just want to be done with school already, it's toxic)

    ah, yeah... the old Mixed Signals Routine. i know what you mean!! my current girlfriend did that shit and it was downright frustrating. but like... i don't know. time makes all things clear. chances are even if you end up having to stick it out a little longer than you might like, it's basically impossible for the to hide the actual truth perpetually. and the closer you grow, the more obvious their true colours are going to be. (but also don't forget that some people like multiple people at a time!)
    i think tcod has this way of attracting living memes because i mean... we're all... memes... also yes The Capitalisation Thing is handy (you're looking for help in the wrong place)

    ...huh. i wish it was here. AP world was kind of... i mean, it was good, and i was interested in history for once, but ap government sounds a lot more interesting! i'm a horrific nerd that finds that shit interesting, even though i don't know too much about it i guess. (but an ap class would help with that, wouldn't it...) strict teachers are quite nice but needlessly strict ones suck. :( the whole "no late work" thing is kind of dumb especially because WHOA we're in Europe, sometimes people TRAVEL, but too bad i guess, fuck you, that's a zero. (also yeah the same happened to me last quarter. they've been rising this quarter, though; hope the same happen(s/ed) to you!)

    aw, shucks. you're a trusted individual in my book too. let me know if anything ever goes on that you need to vent about! and i mean self-harm is kind of... always terrible. even if it's not particularly bad, if that makes any sense. like i said, i realise it's a coping mechanism, but please take care of yourself despite it if you can't help it otherwise. :/ also that's... yeah. there isn't much for me to say there either. Your Dad is Your Fucking Dad and we all know how that goes and i seriously hope your situation improves soon. although i get it. tbh i didn't really understand before but i'm in a similar situation now and like... reporting is kind of out of the question, etc. etc. i get it. but you can do it!! a few more years and you'll be through with it, and if it ever gets like... really bad, maybe you should think about intervention of some kind. idk. you've probably thought of all this stuff before. i just worry...

    okay that's weird??? is everyone at your school just... especially mean. because that's kind of a douche move on his part. no matter what happens try to remember that your emotions are legitimate and that you aren't a burden on any reasonable, non-asshole person!! you're important and cool and have a nice blog title. it sounds like your Crush™ is a positive influence in your life, though, and that they're less douchey than their preceders so hopefully that goes places!
    can we compromise and say that we're both acceptablecase

    pfffft. too lazy to tap. nice. (but same.) yeah it looks kind of like... i don't know, approachable? the people at my last gig apparently viewed me as some kind of stoic silent goddess who can't relate with puny mortals which is really weird because about 90% of the time i was a meme but w/e. this seems to work.

    it could very well be. either way i'm settled in now!! i don't hate my country! all of these things are significant steps up from how things were in the states

    ap gov? that's a senior class here, i think i'm doing it next year... but yeah, that doesn't sound like a very deadliney class. ap world was totally okay with deadlines because it was literally the exact same thing everyday so i never forgot. but thank you, english teacher, for only assigning homework like once a month and making it something totally different every time? (english teacher also assigns sunday deadlines, kms.) but yeah also english teacher assigns hard deadlines i.e. "IF YOU DON'T TURN IT IN SUNDAY NIGHT AT 2200 THEN YOU'RE GETTING A ZERO" and my grade has definitely suffered a lot because of that. (i mean, to me, "a lot" is finishing with an A- but that's still really frustrating to me)

    i am a linguist tbh. i am fluent in weebanese

    yeah no i get it entirely. but i mean you don't have to worry about any of that with me! it's a) actually impossible for me to betray your trust, and b) possible for me to take my time in ingesting and replying to whatever you have to say!! you don't have to feel like trash about it because i am an uninvolved third party™. not that you have to tell me or anything, but like... i'm here. and i'm not going to fuck you over. so just keep that in mind i suppose. also i'm not going to scare you with all the ridiculous effects of self-harm in my life but do know that it seriously fucks people up and kills people (!!!!!) so while i understand that it's like... a thing that happens and i can't do much to stop it, at least be aware that it's really terrible and please don't let it spiral out of control!
    I don't like her the same way, and I think it's unfair to her, yknow? It's really hard on me, but I can't imagine how it'll ve for her...
    A boy... hrm...
    I can't speak for the majority of boys, but if you need help with that, feel free (also school, it's where i do best. My people skills aren't very good)

    Eh, I guess kinda okay as well. I've been considering breaking up with my girlfriend
    Issue is, we're close friends with each other and our respective best friends are close with us, too
    It'll be... something very sad, to say the least.
    i am trying to imply that i'm a LOSER, but you clearly type in... winnercase...

    you can disable autocapitalisation! it's in settings > general > keyboard. but yeah, i think it looks nicer, i'm lazy, and honestly... i don't know, it sounds nice. and i get the whole, "you sound harsh and detached," bit too often, so i hope maybe this helps a little?

    uh... maybe. i don't remember the exact day i got here but if you were here, it was a really close cut. i'd have just gotten here. i'm sufficiently moved in now, though!! it's less awful and i feel at home here again.

    yyyyeah, the deadlines are pretty terrible. i'm used to having things go at skylarpace and not schoolpace, and besides that i work best in routine, but half my teachers are basically like "routine is satan" so they sort of just assign homework... whenever... which throws me off seriously bad. ALSO I HAVE AN ESSAY DUE THIS SUNDAY AND WHAT THE FUCK WHO PUTS DEADLINES ON WEEKEND.

    i'm sorry to hear you've hit depression, that's very... well, there's probably not a lot i can say that you haven't thought of yourself, but you have my sympathies and an open ear. i can't intervene in your real life, so i am basically the safest third party! :D!! honestly though i hope you feel better and that you're coping safely and healthily, i trust everything is... mostly in order at the very least. (please.)

    ah okay! yeah breaking with that kind of thing seems like it's detrimental since it's just memory and memory deteriorates with time, but. less kickass than before is still exceedingly kickass, so you'll probably do great if you study a lot! i'm rooting for you.
    i also started losercase recently, it was mainly just over text, etc. before though. but now it's online too! isn't that something. ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

    i'm also in public school now!! (but now i'm back in europe.) how's it been treating you? fun stuff always happens when other teenagers are involved, i can only imagine the inevitably heinous shenanigans. if you're half as mischievous as me anyway :'D

    congratulations on quiz, that's super cool! how's that been going in the time since we last spoke? are you still kickass
    what's up man!! what's been happening? fill me in on all i have missed in the life of mutini
    Ooh, AP psych. Do have fun there - that was my favorite class in all of high school, and is actually the reason I'm planning to take a psychology major. Truly interesting subject matter, highly recommend.
    I got straight A's throughout junior and senior years while taking 5 APs each of them. Your humblebragging has no effect on me!

    ...interestingly, time management was what that taught me. I've learned that, though I do my best work under time pressure (the best essay I wrote for my college application was the one I wrote 45 minutes before it was due), I end up much less stressed when I get things done well ahead of the deadline. So yeah, definitely would recommend picking up that skill.

    How is AP Government? I only took history classes for my social studies requirements in high school.
    Being an adult is really no different than being a child. I'm pretty sure I'm still actually fourteen.

    And I forgot you weren't in public school for a while. I do hope it's gone well, you didn't have too much trouble adjusting. Did you take any particularly advanced classes?
    :D Hi, long time no see!

    Well, I'm in college now and it's even better than high school. Also got Fire Emblem Fates and it's better than awakening. Conquest is without question the best of the three, at least gameplay wise, and I honestly like its characters more, too.

    How have you been? How is life treating you? (and when you say you're a junior do you mean you're just finishing junior year or you just finished being a sophomore? I've been out of school for like two weeks now and I kind of lost track of high school schedules)
    I AM!! This is so late I'm sorry, I haven't been able to get on lately, I've had a lot going on. But hi!!
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